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Default Additional of June 2007

Dozens Die in Attack on a Shiite Mosque (June 19): Nearly 80 people are killed and more than 130 are wounded when a suicide bomber drives an explosive-filled truck blows in front of the Khalani Mosque in central Baghdad.

U.S. Diplomat Sees Progress with North Korea (June 22): At a meeting in North Korea, Christopher Hill, assistant secretary of state for East Asian affairs, is told by North Korean officials that the country is prepared to shut down its primary nuclear reactor. The meeting—the first time a high-ranking U.S. official has visited the country in five years—follows the return of $25 million in North Korean funds that had been held in a Macao bank and had been frozen by the U.S. (June 28): International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors visit the Yongbyon nuclear reactor complex. It's the first such visit since 2002, when North Korean officials expelled the inspectors from the countr.

Three Are Sentenced to Death for Role in Anfal Campaign (June 24): Three Iraqi army officials, including Ali Hassan al-Majid, a cousin of Saddam Hussein who was known as "Chemical Ali, are convicted for carrying out the murder of about 50,000 Kurds in 1988—what was called the Anfal campaign.

Peacekeepers Are Killed in Lebanon (June 24): Five UN peacekeepers—three from Colombia and two from Spain—die when they are attacked in southern Lebanon. They were stationed at the border with Israel.

Leadership Transition Begins in Britain (June 24): Gordon Brown takes over as head of the Labor Party, succeeding British prime minister Tony Blair. (June 27): Gordon Brown replaces Tony Blair as the prime minister of Great Britain.

Several Sunni Sheiks Die in Attack (June 26): The victims were among a group of sheiks from the troubled Anbar Province who had been helping U.S. troops in their fight against al-Qaeda.

Israeli President Reaches Plea Deal in Rape Case (June 28): Moshe Katsav agrees to resign and plead guilty to committing indecent acts without consent, sexual harassment, and harassing a witness. In exchange, the government drops rape charges against Katsav, who maintains his innocence and says he plead guilty to avoid a long and embarrassing trial. He was accused of raping and sexually assaulting several female coworkers.

British Police Find Bombs in Two Cars (June 29): Police defuse two bombs found in cars parked in the West End section of London. The attackers, who officials say are linked to al-Qaeda, fail to detonate the bombs using cell phones. (June 30): An SUV carrying bombs bursts into flames after it slams into an entrance to Glasgow Airport. Officials say the attacks are connected.


Pakistan protests NATO attack that killed 10 civilians RIA Novosti 25 Jun 2007 -- Pakistan has protested the killing of 10 civilians near its border with Afghanistan during a NATO operation and has demanded better coordination among international forces in the future, a senior Foreign Ministry official said Monday.

Despite Peace Talks With Pakistan, India Maintains Tight Grip on Kashmir VOA 25 Jun 2007 -- There has been a slow but steady thaw in relations between India and Pakistan in the past two years, with improvements in intergovernmental communication and cross-border transportation

NATO Admits Civilians Killed In Pakistan Strikes RIA Novosti 24 Jun 2007 -- NATO-led forces in Afghanistan today admitted that civilians were among those killed in weekend strikes in Pakistan's Waziristan region.

Pakistan army backs Musharraf in judicial crisis IRNA 01 Jun 2007 -- Senior army commanders in a meeting on Saturday threw weight behind President General Musharraf in the present judicial crisis and condemned those who have launched anti-Musharraf campaign.


Court Strikes Down FCC Indecency Policy (June 4): A federal appeals court overturns a Federal Communications Commission rule that fines networks that broadcast profanities blurted out on live television, known as "fleeting expletives."

Several Firefighters Are Killed in Blaze (June 19): Nine firefighters die when a roof collapses during a fire in a furniture warehouse in Charleston, S.C. Aside from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the fire was the deadliest for firefighters in 30 years.

Zoellick Is Elected Head of the World Bank (June 25): Robert Zoellick, who served as President Bush's deputy secretary of state and held high-ranking positions in the Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations, takes over as the president of the World Bank, succeeding Paul Wolfowitz.
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