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Default my interview

my interview was so simple
they asked nothing about my favorite personalities and books...
chairman asked why didn't u do any jon after your masters
then a question about social indicators which government was better...shaukat azia govt or zardari govt
i couldn't comprehend question...he was speaking so slow..
then he made question easy for me
but i think i didn't answe well
then role of media in our society
what is the negative role of media in society
i said media is creating sensationalism in society
a discussion on this topic
about mukhataran mai....did mukhtaran mai incident and role of media in that earned a bad name
then mam batool asked about nuclear programme of iran
what do you think iran is making nuclear bomb? answer was its quite natural every country want power an is quite possible iran is making a nuclear bomb
then she asked why america is opposing iran's nuclear programme...why doesn't us want iran to make a nuclear bomb...i answered because a nuclear iran could pose a threat to the very survival of could destabilise the middle east region...
then she asked is there any progress in recent almaty talks...i said us has soften some sanctions....she said no..i said us has allowd iran to do trade in sector of precious metals...
then she asked if ahmadinejad goes and some other iranian leader comes then how do u see iranian nuclear answer was national interests of the countries are irrespective of this doesn't matter who comes and who goes iranian nuclear programme will continue...
that was all....plz comment what type of interview is not satisfied with my performance
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