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Default Here is my interview

My interview held on 17th April 2013

I was number 10th on the day.
Starting time 01:53 pm
Concluding time 02:25 pm (32 minutes)

--Asked detail about my district.
--Detail about my caste (Butt).
--Detail regarding other castes of my district.
--Few questions about my family and family's migration from Indian held Kashmir to Azad Kashmir.
--Difference between Local Government Ordinance of 1979 and 2001.

Mr. Ghalib ud Din

--What is Pakistan's biggest threat in near future.
--Aftermaths of American withdrawal from Afghanistan.
--Sectarian Issue.Suggestions to deal with this issue.
--Corruption and ways to deal with this growing epidemic.
--Energy crisis and suggestions to deal with this menace.
--Reforms in FBR. How?

Madam Batool

--History of Kashmir in detail.
--Number of resolution on this issue.
--Difference between Cease fire line and LOC.
--Opinion regarding solution of Kashmir Issue.
--Is their any out of box solution to this issue?
--Chenab formula.
--Musharraf's four point agenda on Kashmir dispute.
--Is any of these two formulae viable?
--Is independent Kashmir also an option?

Naguib Ullah Malik

--You have a brilliant curricular, co curricular and extra curricular record and you belong to an affluent family then do you think that your current job matches your social status? (I am currently working as tehsildar in AJK).
--Duties and responsibilities of Tehsildar.
--Reasons to join civil services.(Some detailed discussion)
--Why DMG?
--If you are given an option to decide the Kashmir's fate, what would be your choice?

Mansoor Sohail

--In last 60 odd years which leader, after Quaid e Azam, do you reckon to be the best?
--Two good reasons for your likings.
and thats it................

It was quite a general interview. I, By the grace of Allah Almighty, managed to respond to all of their questions. Every panel member seemed to be quite satisfied and ghalib saab and madam batool even appreciatedmy views.......

May Allah Almighty be with me........Ameen
"People take only their needs into consideration, never their abilities".
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