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Default Finally.... My interview of CSS 2012

Finally, it came on 2 May 2013 at Lahore.

I was 8th that day. Interview time: 25 min approx

Chairman (with a nice smile and a warm greeting)

Q. So Amin, you are working. Where?
Ans: Currently in SNGPL. In the Admin Department, since April 2012

Q. What are they doing with employee data?
Ans: Sir, they aim to bring the ratio of Executives vs Subordinates to a lower value

Q. Wont that reduce the power of executives?
Ans: Sir, I believe that would improve the monitoring and controlling process and would enhance the efficiency of the business

Q. Well, I meant to ask that how do they enter the data of employee? (with a smile)
Ans: (With a light smile) Sir, they enter it in a software operated on Oracle.

Q. Whats the technical name?
Ans: Sir, its HRIS but since I am not in HR department, I do not know the exact name.

Q. Isn't HR or Admin the same?
Ans: No sir, in my organization, they are different. HR deals with Recruitment, Selection and Placement along with Policy Making while Admin deals with Services and Policy Implementation falling in its purview.

Q. Do they operate on ERP?
Ans: Sir, 2 departments do, others don't. You can say, it has a partial or a specific usage

Q. 2 out of your 3 personalities are Cricketers. You have mentioned Imran Khan as well. Which part of his life you admire the most; Cricketer, Philanthropist or Politician?
Ans: Sir, I am a Cricket Lover myself and played for various clubs. I admire these Cricketers for various skills which I have inculcated and they have added value in me.

As for Imran Khan, I admire him as in overall human. He contributed in the field of health and education; the two basic necessities of any country....

Q. (Smiling) One specific field?
Ans: Sir, for me, definitely Cricket. Because as a politician, he is not in power so I cannot comment on it.

Q. Why Cricket?
Ans: Because he was 40+ when he reorganized a new, inexperienced but talented set of individuals into a team who eventually achieved glory for Pakistan in the field of Cricket and took us to the top. He excelled in his main field and led from the front.

Thank you (again a smile)

Mr. Mansoor Sohail

Q. Gentleman, Pakistan is being depicted as a failed state and has a certain set of positives and negatives. Energy Crisis, Economic meltdown, Poor security, Talibanization etc. How do you see it.
Ans: Sir, no doubt whatever the crisis you have said are true. But there are certain positives as well. Such as strong army, major population in youth, good initiatives taken by the government...

Q. Just having the youth gives you an edge??
Ans: Having youth alone does not gives much edge but your population comprising youth definitely gives you an edge. Because youth are the people who learn from the experiences from the seniors, identify the rooms for improvement, make those improvement and set the role model for generations to come. They are energetic and mature to run the affairs of the country while up-keeping the valuable experiences from the seniors.

Q. Don't you think Nuclear Arsenal is something of advantage to Pakistan, especially with respect to India? You did not mention it.
Ans: Sir, it surely is. But we are on peace with India due to threat of war. We need to resort to trade relations so as to ensure this peace on permanent terms. And sir, I was coming to this points.

Q. Gentleman, you have highlighted the negatives only. The positives you are saying are big IFs. Why are these negatives prevailing. Any reasons and tell me any real positives which are already there.
Ans: The negatives are primarily because each stakeholder of Pakistan has played its partial role.....

Q. By partial you mean biased
Ans: No sir, I mean incomplete. They have done almost 60% of their role at an average. 40% is yet to be done. Once every stakeholder does that, these problems will definitely be subsided.

To support the above I can say that government initiated the policy for compulsory education of each child till primary but people, specially in rural areas are not sending their kids. So the problems lies with people who are not playing their true role.

As for positives, Land Records are being computerized which will gradually eliminate any loopholes currently present.

Q. That's why our Tax to GDP ratio is 9%
Ans: Sir, It has to take time. A positive step has been taken and we need to give it time to reap its benefits.

Q. Any other positives.
Ans: Sir, in a nutshell, I can say them as follows: Energetic youth, Talented people, Abundant natural resources, Recent progress of democracy, Geo political and Geo strategic location and Strong Army.

Q. I think your positives are hypothetical and based upon assumptions.
Ans: I believe these are practical decisions that are meant to be taken in order to sort out these negatives. For every decision, we need to conduct an analysis which is based upon assumptions. A very common is SWOT analysis. We need to capitalize our strengths, minimize our weaknesses, exploit the opportunities and counter the threats. The most important part, in my view, is to take calculated decisions in time.

Q. Whether they are right or wrong (and 3 panelists gave a smile)
Ans: (With a reasonable smile). With in depth analysis, it is quite improbable that a decision is going to backfire. But if we do not take a decision at the right time, it will definitely backfire (and I smiled again). If it is right, it will reap benefits. Even if a decision is wrong, it will give us valuable experience. And we can utilize this experience in future decisions. But we can get these benefits or experiences only if we take any decision.

Over to Mr. Najibullah Malik

Q. What are the potential benefits of Geo Strategic location of Pakistan and how can we capitalize on it after 2014 when US leaves Afghanistan
Ans: In my personal opinion, we can capitalize on it by strengthening our ties within the region. We can establish trade with India in the field of Clothes, Agriculture and IT. With Afghanistan, Projects like Trans Afghan pipeline and other fields of energy can help a great deal. We can also offer cooperation in the field of education. With China, the handing over of Gwadar port is already a positive step. So we can establish various business and social relations within the region so that we can not strengthen ourselves as a country but consolidate ourselves as a region.

Q. How can we establish good relations with India?
Ans: Sir, we should propagate what is common between us rather then what is uncommon. Secondly, we should eliminate the communication gap between us as communication gap deteriorates relations at any level; be it personal up till state.

Q. Such as?
Ans: Such as our common social norms, moral values and traditions.

Q. And what uncommon we should not propagate? Any example?
Ans: We should stop differentiating ourselves on the basis of Religion, caste, and personal alliances with other countries and work together for our own as well as regional interest.

Q. Is this War on Terror a war of US or war of Pakistan?
Ans: Sir, it was War of US which has now become a War of Pakistan.

Q. But we have suffered a colossal loss. How can we get out of it?
Ans: We have indeed. 380 bombings, $ 70 billion loss, almost 7000 armed personnel, approx 36000 civilians. But we need to sort this out. We can have a dialogue with those who want peace but those who do not surrender, we are left with no option. We can also register a protest to stop drone attacks. Because the killings in drones, the militancy, and bombings are interlinked and form a vicious circle. But in any of these instances, Pakistan is at loss.

Q. Was going into this war a right decision or wrong one?
Ans: (Smiling) Sir, it was not between right or wrong. It was to chose between the devil and the deep sea. Had we not supported the US, then as said by the US, we could have been bombed to stone ages and situation would have been even worse than what it is now.

Mr. Ghalib ud din

Q. Amin, how do you evaluate the role of Military intervention in politics?
Ans: Sir, interference of any institution in the working of another is neither appreciated nor beneficial and Military is no exception. It lead to the derailment of democracy, staffing of Military officers in various departments which eventually resulted in favourtism and professional tussle.

Q. How do you see the progress of NAB over the past few years?
Ans: They have done well but as I said earlier, there is still a room for improvement.

Q. How do you compare between NAB & FIA?
Ans: I have an idea of NAB but I am not so familiar with FIA but what I have heard from my peers about it, I believe that comparatively, NAB works at a faster pace and is more efficient than FIA. However, that does not implies that FIA is inefficient.

Q. What do you infer from General Kayani's recent statement?
Ans: I infer 2 points from it. First, we need to realize that this war is our baby and we need to manage it. Moreover, we need to take decisions regarding this issue. We cannot close our eyes like a pigeon otherwise the cat can take us away just like that..

Q. Why did you leave banking despite the fact the you were Assistant Vice President at a much reasonable pay?
Ans: Actually, I appeared in CSS 2012 and wanted to have exposure to Public Sector working before I actually land up in CSS.

Q. So you were confident that you will clear CSS? (smiling)
Ans: Sir, I gave my best within the limited time I had and have left the rest to Allah Almighty along with the prayers of my family, friends and peers.

Q. So what are your feelings now after being into Public Sector?
Ans: I am very much contented with it and am confident that I can pursue CSS as a career. I have been exposed to an environment similar to Secretariat while being in HQ. I learned corporate environment in banking. The learning of field is something that I still have to learn and I do long for diverse set roles and responsibilities. (my top priority is DMG)

Q. Means you are fond of job rotation?
Ans: Yes sir, it adds magnanimous diverse set of skills to one's personality and gives one an unparalleled exposure during his life.

Q. Has this job of SNGPL added something to your CV?
Ans: Definitely sir. It was incorporated a number of professional as well as behavioural skills in me.

Madam Batool

Q. What do you know about Syria?
Ans: In short, the People want their president to step down, but he is adamant to stay and rather resorting to use of force. Almost 100,000 people have died.

Q. 70,000 or maybe it has increased as I know this figure in February?
Ans: Mam, I read it from web on 1st May so I am quoting it from there.

Q. Any other such country having or which had such situation?
Ans: The entire Arab Spring is a chain of it.

Q. But the intensity of Arab Spring has died. Why is it so? Why is Syria an exception
Ans: Because in few countries, the demands were accepted while in other, adequate compensation was given. In Syria, no consensus is reached so far.

Q. What do you say about the way adopted by President of Syria? Has such thing happened in Pakistan?
Ans: I personally think that it is not the right way. And I don't think this has happened in Pakistan. The examples of Musharraf and Ayub clearly negate it.

Q. Then what should be done in Syria?
Ans: I believe the solution is simple. The President should step down because the will of the people is against him. He is there to represent the state and people constitute the state.

Q. Is there any similarity between Syrian and Pakistani crisis?
Ans: I don't think so. In Syria, people are tired of tyrannical rule, unemployment, and frustration. In Pakistan, it is due to partial role played by each and every segment of the society which has led to this scenario.

Q. But Syria and Pakistan are quite similar aren't they? Bomb blasts are common there and daily phenomenon here too...
Ans: Mam, I believe mere bomb blasts are not the only criteria to identify similarity between Syria and Pakistan. Syria are a homogeneous nation while we are heterogeneous. The blasts occurring there are due to internal uprising while in our case, it is because of War Against Terror. They are confronted with tyrannical rule while we have democracy which in my personal, is the best way to govern so I believe....

Q. Ok. I got your point. GCC countries are high in economy and depict a quite positive of themselves. But in many countries kingship prevails. So can we say democracy is a failure?
Ans. I believe no system of governance is bad. There are few Key Performance Indicators to efficiently and effectively run a country. Welfare of people, Strong Economy, Strong Defense, Positive Image in the world, Strong Regional ties, Good Governance, Political or Administrative Stability and Optimum Exploitation of Resources. If any system of administration succeeds in achieving these indicators, the country will be progressive and vice versa. However, I personally believe that if these principles are followed through democracy, that would be an ideal situation.

Q. How can you say democracy is successful. Has it reaped any benefits in Pakistan? Any other example?
Ans: Well, democracy has been frequently derailed here due to constant military interventions. It has been only the first time where a democratic government has completed its tenure. So we need to give it some time. In this way, we will identify the opportunities as well as weaknesses. We can optimize the opportunities and minimize the weaknesses.

As for example of successful democracy, India is a reasonable example. We got independent on the same date but they have become the 4th largest economy of the world. This is due to democratic system prevalent over there. Even they have problems but due to political stability, they have managed to sort them out.

Likewise, if we allow this democracy some time, we can prosper in a similar way.

Ok Amin. Thank you

And then. Thanks followed.... Need your comments and prayers

Let's hope for the best with result. Best of luck to all
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure....
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