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Originally Posted by Seemab View Post
Assalam o Alaikum everyone.

I had my interview on 25th of April, 2013. I was the third one to face the panel that day.

Upon entering the room, Mr. Chairman greeted me and offered to sit down.

Q. Seemab! Youíre a lawyer.
A. Yes, Sir.

Q. But you donít practice?
A. No, Sir I donít.

Q. What was your previous job?
A. Sir it was an internet based job where I had to write articles and product reviews of smartphones, laptops, cameras, automobiles etc.

Q. This job was not related to your qualification.
A. No, Sir. I opted it because I, alhumdulillah am good at writing. Also I have great interest in modern day gadgets.

Q. You are unemployed now?
A. Yes, Sir.

Q. Why did you leave your job?
A. Sir, I left my job when I was expecting my baby. Now that heís about to turn two inshaAllah, Iím ready to work again. (Heís turned 2 today alhumdulillah )

Q. Okay Seemab so tell me how good are you at law?
A. Sir I was pretty good at it back in university. I shall try and answer your questions.

Q. Letís leave law. You had Islamic History as an optional subject. Tell me when did Sufism begin in Islam.
A. Its History goes back many centuries, though I do not remember which century exactly. Because during Abbasid era many mystical and philosophical thoughts spread in masses, I have reason to believe that beginning of Sufism in Islam has something to do with Abbasid time period. I recall Mansoor Hallaj being one of the earliest.

Q. What about Bukhara etc? There were even institutions of Sufism.
A. Sorry Sir as I have no idea about that.

Q. What contributions to Islam are on part of Ottoman and Fatimid Caliphate of Cairo?
A. Sir out of these two, Fatimid Sultanate has not been accepted as Caliphate especially by Allama Jalaluddin Suyuti as written in his Tareekh-ul-khulafa. Anyhow, the Fatimids added to the architectural as well as literary and intellectual heritage of Muslims. Jamia Al-Azhar was built in their time. On the other hand, Ottomans were very much prone towards extending their boundaries and conquered much area in all directions.

Q. Anything else about the Ottomans?
A. Sir they were the symbol of unity of Muslim Ummah, with their fall this unity was also lost. That dynasty kept the muslims together tightly.

Sir Ghalib.
Q. A long question about constitutional amendments and the reason.
A. Sir, from the very beginning, Pakistan faced internal conflicts on matters like national language, form of government, nature of constitution etc. Military coups worsened the political instability.

Q. What about constitutional amendments in 1973 constitution? Why did we have frequent amendments?
A. Sir, Iím coming right to that point. Military dictators as well as Democratic governments both worked hard for their personal gains and left collective benefits far behind. Every government was keen on moulding the constitution according to their will and wish, and beliefs. Islamists Islamized the whole constitution when they came in power and every other government handled the document pretty much in the same way. I feel that everyone just wants it their own way!

Q. Asked about some amendments.
A. Sir, Iím sorry that I do not remember these, though I know well about the recent ones.

Q. Again a long question regarding Judicial Activism in Pakistan.
A. There are two opinions about the role judiciary has been playing recently.

Q. What is your opinion?
A. Sir I feel that the institutions must keep working smoothly, without interference. Clash of institutions must be avoided at any cost. However, we cannot deny that there come tough times where someone has to take initiative and this is what our judiciary has been doing these days. To make a point, sometimes judiciary needs to set some precedents to avoid future mishandling of justice.

Q. How can judiciary set up Presidents?
A. Sorry Sir I couldnít understand your question.

Q. Oh did you say PRECEDENTS?
A. Yes, Sir. I said that precedents must be set in tough times.

Maím Batool.
Q. Tell me what is good governance?
A. Maím this concept has many aspects e.g. policy making, working of institutions, democracy, economy, welfare of people, crime rate, and development. All these aspects combine to make possible the evaluation of governance as good or bad.

Q. Which countries have good governance?
A. The Scandinavian nations are on top in every index that describe healthy situation of a nation in any way. Their people are satisfied, their economies are flourishing, their democracy indices are great, and those states are being run immaculately.

Q. Arenít you confusing concept of good governance with that of Welfare state?
A. No, Maím Iím not. I realize the difference between two. Contentment and welfare of people is the base of Welfare states whereas it is only one of many indicators of Good governance.

Q. Is there good governance in USA?
A. If I were to give these ranks Maím, I would have ranked the USA lowest when it comes to Good governance.

Q. (Surprised) Why do you say this?
A. Maím their economy is facing the worst crunch, people are unemployed and vast number of population is poor. Their health policies are not people-friendly. They have huge crime rate and people are not contented. This is why we see movements like Occupy Wall Street.

Q. Then how come is USA superpower?
A. They have the financial and logistic support of the Elite. Those handful of families who practically own the world have offered every kind of support to the United States, but I feel USA is not going to enjoy its status as the superpower for long.

Q. How is it possible?
A. Maím their economy is in a bad condition. USA is in huge debt. Also, there are few secession and freedom movements going on in some States of the US. This shows the discontentment and dissatisfaction of masses with the government.

Q. Freedom movements? I have never heard of those. Can you name those states?
A. Iím sorry Maím that I am unable to recall those name right now. (I always forget the details at such moments  )

Q. This is very strange, I have never heard this before. Are you sure you are talking about the United States of America?
A. Yes, Maím Iím very much sure about this. I have been reading about this, but unfortunately I have forgotten the names of those states now.
(Maím kept on saying that it was very strange and new to her ears. And I was surprised that Maím had never heard that. Two of those states are Texas and Alaska.)

Another member intervened and said: ďLet us forget about USA and come to your optionals."
Q. Have you prepared sufi poets?
A. Yes, Sir.

Q. Whoís your favourite?
A. Sir, my favourite is Shah Hussain. I admire his simple language which is comparatively easy to understand.

Q. Okay, is Heer Waris Shah a romantic piece of literature or is there a mystic side to it?
A. Sir, I feel that Heer encompasses almost every sphere of life in its verses. It surely has a mystic side to it. Waris Shah has even incorporated Quranic verses in Heer.

Q. Can you give me n example? (He insisted upon listening to some examples)
A. Sir Iím sorry to tell you that I cannot easily remember poetic verses.

Q. Okay. Do you think it is a mythical story or it is based on reality?
A. The lady called Heer whoís buried in Jhang had a very different kind of reputation. In my opinion, Heer Waris Shah is fiction.

Q. What kind of reputation does that lady have?
A. Sir, sheís known to be a very pious woman.

Q. Do you want to say that a pious woman cannot fall in love?
A. No Sir, Iím not saying so. All Iím saying is that nothing like the events of the daastan is related to that woman. She is famous for different reasons and not because of the events stated in Heer.

Q. Alright. Do you remember theories of communication?
A. No, Sir I donít remember those.

Q. What is the difference between a short story and a news story?
A. Sir a news story is a written account of any happening or event based on reality, whereas short story is based on imagination and is a genre of literature. It is called Afsana in Urdu.

Q. What is an Intro?
A. It is the most significant part of the news story and tells us about whatís inside. It is the opening paragraph of the same.

Then Mr. Chairman wished me good day.
Hoping for the best, though I was thoroughly disappointed for a lot of questions from the optional (which I couldnít revise due to immense scarcity of time I had to prepare) and practically no question from the current issues.

Need prayers.
Its a good interview.Hopes must be kept alive.Nothing is certain in CSS unless the result is announced.God is merciful and you shall,InshAllah ,triumph.
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