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I am posting my interview that was held on 18-04-2013.
I apologize for being late as I was much busy in finishing tasks that I had left for about 3 months for interview preparation. Now I got some election holidays so I am posting this.

It is all how it went.

Chairman Sb : You have done your Masters in chemistry so donít u think that you should go for PhD, become a scientist and secure a Noble prize for the country. Why civil services.?
Fairyland: Sir Actually I cannot work like a scientist in a laboratory I mean I cannot work indoors. I like to interact with the society so that I could learn something from people and vice versa. I like practical life.
Apart from this I am used to and like a hectic life style as I am not only teaching but doing many other things.

Chairman Sb : What other things are you doing.
Fairyland : Sir I am working in other institutions and pursuing my further studies.

Chairman Sb: But you are a chemistry student. How it will be beneficial for you in PSP. Will you use chemicals on criminals or use some chemistry methods for investigation (smiling)?
Fairyland: Sir, Chemistry is a branch of science and the role of science is continuously increasing in police department like in the form of forensic laboratories

Chairman Sb : But Forensic department is a separate thing.
Fairyland: Yes Sir, but I am sure that role of science will increase in police department with the passage of time and apart from this, in science and as well as in civil services one has to solve a number of problems. So I can use my knowledge of scientific methodology of problem solving in civil services through systematic manner

Chairman: Ok, and handed me over to Mr Nagib

Mr. Nagib: You have written in your psychological Performa about devolution. What is the meaning of the word devoution?
Fairyland: Sir devolution mean to transfer power to the grass root level.

Mr Nagib: No man, Devolve mean to give authority to another person like to give authority to next tier. It doesnít necessarily mean to grass root level. OK tell me two devolutions have occurred in the recent past. What were these?
Fairyland: Sir firstly the devolution of power occurred in 18th amendment when 17 portfolios were devolved to the provinces and secondÖ

Mr Nagib: No, the first was in 2001 when Devolution Plan came in musharraf eraÖ.
Fairyland: Yes Sir I was to tell about thisÖ

Mr Nagib: Ok I donít know whether you know about this or not. Tell me what happened then?
Fairyland: Sir a local government system was introduced.

Mr Nagib: But local government system was present previously. What was the difference between the two?
Fairyland: Sir the relationship between the nazim and DCO along with their powers were changed by giving local government upper hand on district government (I know that was stupid answer but I planned not to say sorry to any question)

Mr Nagib: Any other thing? (Uff.. now I was repenting why I skipped this from preparation)
Fairyland: Sir, provisions were made to form committees to address the grievances of people likeÖ (He didnít allow me to complete)

Mr Nagib: No I am not talking about this. Ok we donít have enough time to discuss about it otherwise I would tell what exactly I was asking.
Then over to Mr Mansoor Sohail ( That was the worst par of my interview)

Mr Mansoor: I have read in your psychological Performa and your answer about how to tackle terrorism issue but I am not impressed by your answer. Can you tell us any out of the box solution of terrorism?
Fairyland: Sir there are two types of terrorists. One that are rogue elements trying to destabilize the country and secondly who have joined hands with extremists due to deprivationsÖÖ.. ( again my wish to give a comprehensive answer was set aside apathetically)

Mr Mansoor: But I am asking about the solution of terrorism. I mean how we can end terrorism?
Fairyland: Sir we have to educate the people.

Mr Mansoor: But it is a long term solution. Tell me any short term solution.
Fairyland: Sir the short term solution in my view isÖ.. ( I just gave a little pause to think but he proceeded)

Mr Mansoor : Ok Leave it. You said that we should teach the people but we are teaching them. What went wrong with it?
Fairyland: Sir as it is said that education is the cheapest defence of a country andÖÖ.( I was again stopped)

Mr Mansoor: We know gentleman that it is the cheapest defence but I want to know why and how we failed to achieve this?
Fairyland: Sir our policies have been quite good to spread education but their implementation is not being carried out as such.

Mr Mansoor: For example which policy has not been carried out?
Fairyland : Sir for example it was mentioned in the National Education Policy of 2009 that budget for education ought to be 7% but it is still 2%. So. We didnít implement that policy.

Mr Mansoor: No Gentleman, you are just giving us information but not telling us anything about solutions. Tell me any short term solution of terrorism.
(Then I decided to be straight forward rather than giving a diplomatic answer)
Fairyland: Well Sir, to end terrorism we have to sideline ourselves with the war on terrorism because it is not our war.

Mr Mansoor: If it is not ours then it is of which country.
Fairyland: Sir it is US war that we have adopted due to inept policies of some politicians.
Mr Mansoor: Ok and handed me over to Mr Ghalibuddin

Mr Ghalib: You have done your masters in chemistry. So do you know anything about chemical weapons? There are countries possessing them.
Fairyland: Yes Sir Syria is in news for possessing these weapons.

Mr Ghalib: What are these actually?
Fairyland: Sit I think there is a chemical called TNT, I mean Trinitro Toluene used in bombs.

Mr Ghalib: Ok but this is being used in bombs. I am talking about chemical weapons that are not being used.
Fairyland: Sir the use of chemical weapons has been banned as well as their manufacturing all over the world.

Mr Ghalib: And biological weapons?
Fairyand: Sir. These are viruses or bacteria that are harmful for human health.

Mr Ghalib: For example?
Fairyland: Sir like anthrax virus.

Mr Ghalib: Have these been used in history.
Fairyland: sir these have been used to intimidate many high profile officials across the world but I donít know if there was any casualty.

Mr Ghalib: Your one subject is Indo pak history ( He said as I must had information about it). These were used by Japan against China.
Fairyland: Thank you Sir I was oblivious of this fact.

Mr Ghalib: What are Pakistanís Foreign Exchange Reserves?
Fairyland: Sir according to quarterly report of State Bank of Pakistan issued on 12th April, 2013 these stood at $6.7 billion.

Mr Ghalib: How FERs can be increased?
Fairyland: Sir these can be increased by taking loans, or by grants given by foreign countries and home remittances that we receive.

Mr Ghalib: So what Pakistan should do now to increase them?
Fairyland: Sir we have to go now for a new IMF loan plan.

Mr Ghalib: IMF loan of how much amount we require?
Fairyland: Sir $4 to $5 billion.

Mr Ghalib: Will IMF give us this amount?
Fairyland: Well Sir there is conditionality associated with it. If we fulfill these conditions then they will surely give us.

Mr Ghalib: But we are not fulfilling these conditions. Any other method?
Fairyland: Sir any other method to increase FERs?

Mr Ghalib and Chairman Sb: Yes yes
Fairyland: Sir I donít think there is. I mean we cant increase them by printing money or enhancing tax.

Mr Ghalib: And what about CSF? Us has given us $2billion. Will they give us more?
Fairyland: Sir I donít think so because US is leaving Afghanistan so we will be unable to get as much amount as they gave us in December 2012 , I mean $2 billion as CSF.

Mr Ghalib: And what about FDI. Where it stands now?
Fairyland: Sir it is now $501 million.

Mr Ghalib: and what it was previously if you could tell us?
Fairyland: Sir it was $ 6.5 billion previously.

Mr Ghalib: So it has decreased a lot. What are the reasons behind this?
Fairyland: Sir much has been talked about it but prime cause is poor law and order situation in the country
Mr Ghalib: Ok Thank you.

Madam Batool: You have stated in your psychological Performa that issue of new provinces is a political gimmick. How can you say that? What are the reasons behind the demand of, letís say, South Punjab province.

Fairyland: Madam South Punjab constitutes an area of 48.3% of Punjab, it means that it is almost half of the Punjab but there is sheer deprivation e.g, if we talk about education there are 57,000 schools in Punjab but only 15,000 in the south Punjab. There are 386 public health centers in Punjab but only 89 in South Punjab. The poverty in North Punjab is 27% whereas it is 43% in South Punjab. So these areas are lagging behind in development and basic necessities and thatís the main reason for demand of new provinces.

Madam Batool: Ok you said that there is deprivation and you yourself has proved it through figures but at the same time you have written that it is a political gimmick. Is not it a contradiction?
Fairyland: Mam actually there is no denying the fact that these are deprived areas but at the same time their deprivation is being exploited for ulterior motives by some inept politicians.

Madam Batool: So should we make new provinces?
Fairyland: Not at this time. We should strengthen local government system to remove the grievances of people.

Madam Batool: So you are saying that we should not make new provinces?
Fairyland: No, I am saying we should make but not at this time.

Madam Batool: Because ground realities are against it. They are demanding provinces on the basis of ethnicity that is anti thesis of Pakistanís nationalism and there is no consensus yet developed on this issue.

Madam Batool: Ok you are saying that provinces should be made but not at this time?
Fairyland: Yes Mam

Madam Batoo: Ok Thank you.

Chairman Sb: Ok Fairyland Thank you. Have a nice day
Fairyland: Thank you Sir It was my honour to be here. Assalam-o-Alaikum.
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