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Arrow plz comment upon my experience of psychological test of ISI


i m posting details of my psychological test experience of ISI.....I want the critical analysis of my test attempt from the well-experienced and well-qualified members of forum as I couldn’t qualify the test!......I want to know my drawbacks in attempting the tests....what would be reasons of my failure?

I: the vigillators first asked to fill form abt biodata by following the instructions of the instructor.....and I just had one mistake that I wrote in haste the qualification/job etc of mine instead of my father but after asking to vigilatro I re-wrote they were filling so quickly and i quickly wrote this........I think it s too a blunder...

2: they asked us to write unforgettable event of life with in five mints I wrote about my school trip and how I enjoyed it a lot.....I couldn’t sum up due to short time but I wrote with good start showing full amusements with brief introduction of enthusiastic preparation of all friends/class fellows other things.

4: the vigilators gave us a booklet of non-verbal test where 60 geometrical shapes were given to match with the missing ones........i carefully marked almost 59 within 30 all shapes and figures too confusing but i tried to identify carefully.

5:they again gave same booklet of non-verbal test which was complicated than previous one and i marked almost all of 30 figures within time limits of 30 mints.....but not sured how many were correctly marked.

6: after this non-verbal test they gave us time for break of 10 mints.

7: now there was test of word completion in English and Urdu......they gave us two sheets comprising one page which to be filled in 5 mints.......I filled almost all with positive sense of sentences.

8: word association test...........where they show almost 50 words to write sentences......each word was displayed for 10 sec to write the sentence.........I wrote all sentences with very good conclusive and positive moral....

9: story-writing.............the vigilators displayed 4 pictures to write story on each picture.....every picture was displayed for half mint...and we had to complete story within 3mints....... I wrote all stories well as described below:

* Picture scene (1) woman is peeping into the room by opening half door. The room looked a study room, having books in wall cabin, while there is a lamp on the table....

how i wrote story on this scene?......i told u briefly the theme of my story though I didn’t remember exactly but I initiated story from past and end with future prospects.......I described so...ali is very hardworking and intelligent guy who want to achieve his target of life and work hard day and night... his mom at night just came to his room and asked him to take rest for a while but he said to his mom he wanted to study and work hard if he doesn’t then how he would get his target of life.......he follow same routine work and at last he achieved his target of life and i characterized him with some good ranked officer at the end with good moral of work Harding and ambitious

*picture scene(2)......two persons sitting close to each other in such manner that one is saying to other person and other is listening secretly and carefully.

I wrote the story in this way........i characterized these two persons as father and son.......aslam is a business man and he is giving instructions to his son, akram how he should take start to join his business set up....,akram is very obedient, intelligent and sharp-minded person.........he follows the advices of his parents he acts upon the advices regarding the business strategies and by following them he s now a good business man etc.....

* picture scene (3) ……a woman sitting by turning aside her chair to the boy (in opposite direction) who is standing near her, having gloomy facial expression……..the guy looked very nice and well-dressed having pencil in his hand too.

I wrote the story by characterizing the boy with some name like ahmed is very intelligent and hardworking person, having excellent educational career. And now he wants to go abroad for higher studies but his mother became angry on this decision and tried to convince him to be in his country and serve it with full devotion……..ahmed is very obedient and submissive to his mom and never want to annoy his mom so he has completed his higher education in the country and now he is serving his country as the most competent lawyer.

* picture scene (4) …………a scene of the field where a boy standing with a horse, a girl standing at some distance while other girl having books in her hand looking behind for a while as she going somewhere.

I describe as nasima belongs to the poor family living in a small village. She is ambitious and desirous to get higher education in spite of all her poor conditions. She s very sober and determined person and never pay attention to the childish activities of romance or so like her friend who always involves in love affairs with a guy and waiting for him who is going elsewhere…she don’t like such lovemaking or such things and keep indulge herself in studies and gradually she achieved her aim of life and became doctor to serve the poor patients of the village.

(All these stories I have described here are not written so well in exact form as I wrote in test….. I just gave u idea of my story briefly as now I forgot all and vague concept….but my stories in test are written with good start and conclusive end with some lessons, reflecting the past, present and future aspects of life)

10: the last step of test is to write merits and demerits separately 5 mints for each description…….i wrote more than half page with genuine traits no exaggeration there.

I attempted all phases of test so quickly before the order of the instructor (colonel sahib) and my seat in front of the instructor……who was becoming some so much annoyed when the candidates not stopped at his order……….but I stopped before his order and became attentive to him what next he s instructing who also some times passed smile when I completed so swiftly all steps and attentive to him for next instructions ( I think during psychological test all vigilators and instructor have kept a critical eye on all candidates to note their behavior as I saw a senior person to note down keenly at some corner of the hall) d…I was so confident and optimistic about my good test result….but my all high hopes were shattered down as I couldn’t qualify test and my mind isn’t compromising for the failure ………

Plz comments what would be the reasons how the psychologist takes our test in which angle? So that I can improve myself if I get chance to appear again in such kind of test…..due to tough routine life I couldn’t post early…..if I post after test then I told u how I wrote and filled sentences and stories in complete form…….but my style of writing was completely change there like the story teller and not here but u may guess from these incomplete stories.

waiting for ur comments
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