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Default Revised/Updated Study Plan of Sociology

Hi guys

I have updated the study plan which was originally posted here by Altaf Sheikh (redmax). This forum has been very helpful to me, and it was the least I could do for all the nice people here on this forum who are always there to help each other.

I have made some changes, especially in the 'study areas' as I've closely followed the latest papers and the syllabus. Yes, I've added the syllabus too! This is because I've noticed that especially in the recent papers a lot has been asked directly from the syllabus - in some cases even the words of the syllabus have been repeated e.g. "Discuss the nature and genesis of institutions" [2013] and "Your answer must include theoretically relevant factors in the rate of change (of social and cultural change) [2013] etc.
Also, all the topics that are covered in the question papers are ALL taken from the syllabus only, so if you cover the syllabus there'll be no surprises on the exam day!

That was my little piece of advice. Thanks to Altaf Sheikh for the wonderful layout of the plan and for the plan itself.\Users\shumaila\Desktop\STUDY
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