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Hi ....I was astonshed when some one blamed anarkali to be in shirk while starting this topic.There is no shirk in it .This is a very good and important topic specially for those who confront to non musluim intellectual at daily basis so we shall be aware of it otherwise we will be in trouble in this coming era.Ok ,now coming to topic. Why shall one bleive in god withouts seeing him. Let us see this topic in the perspective of science.It has been approved by science that there is something outside the uiverse which we called the space and time. we are yet unable to crack this boundry but its a common prove and humman will no doubt reach if god permists him.Ok now the other part is seeing.seeing comes in senses but it has been proved that humman can see upto 2 percent though vales can see 4 so does it mean that vales that animal are far more superior then us. No. Before coming to quranic concept .let us examine opther religion which we are aware too.Take hindusim.they blevie that god is like humman though he is stronger then humman being but comparing god is too an stupied god because he is like nothign that we have yet observed or about to observed so seeign god is not a problem but follwing gods divine words is problem.Ok but there is another problem that why followign the scripture to an unknown god so quran says that implement the gods principal and u will find this world a janati mashara therfore quranic concpet is quite different from other scriptures becasue u can get result in few years but implementation shall be collective isntead of individual and then surely u will blevie in god and his divinty.
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