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Question Truth in short supply

Topic Defined.
The pearl of truth are going to be vanish.
General Remarks.
truth......clear like crystal where spots of evils never stay.
Thesis Statement.
truth despite of having significant role and introduction of cheap sources as, media,net, research,...etc is rare in our society and its deficiency is affecting socio economic and political foundations of society.
Significance of truth
Beats vices and evils.
Ensures equality and justice
waters plant of trust in society
identification of man's place in society
Islam and truth
God's recognition with discovering reality
Holy Prophet follower of truth
Hazrat sheikh Abdul Qadir jailani and truth
Holy Quran ......true book with true lesson
Channels of truth
Holy Books.......messages of God
Research ........Discovery and inventions
Media.............with the eye of camera
internet.........sharing of information
Barriers in the way of truth
Biased Educational system
Media based on propaganda
Prejudiced Religious mind set
Power, Authority and Force

It is bitter fact that pearl of truth is going to be vanish with the passage of time. It is ornament which beautified every relation in this world. Man's curiosity always forced him to know the fact and his this nature helped him to search truth, what is truth of this universe, what is reality of man, what are facts and figures behind this world. Man wants to know. He wants to expose reality. He wants to unveil hidden truth. In this struggle, man has intermingled truth and fakeness. Now he is confuse. Truth is in small quantity and under the heap of lies, fakeness and deceives, it is not visible . Today, man has internet, media, and other sources to be aware but alas, still there are very small quantity of truth to guide man. Truth which was considered cheap commodity now has become rare and expensive.
truth is like crystal where spots of evils cannot curbs vices and evils which destroys society. Not denying from the fact that a society where plants of truth is watered and its fruits are given to new generation, never weakens its structure of progress and prosperity.

kindly seniors guide me by checking this essay
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