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Default Frailty Thy Name Is Woman

John F. Kennedy,Theodore Roosevelt , and Bill Clinton all, at one time, have been considered powerful and influential men. These men all once obtained the most influencial job in the United States and argueably in the world. Although these men had a vast impression on the world, their wives had an even more awe-inspiring effect on the world. Women constantly have been underappriciated for the most difficult and monotomous jobs around. Finally, a woman named Jackyln Onasis stood up for what she believes in and demanded to be listened to. She paved the way for future women, like Princess Diana and Hilary Clinton and alllowed women to become wealthier, more powerful, and better icons for the world to see. Similarly, behind Claudius and Hamlet are two unappreciated women who lack the willpower to demand to be listened to. Instead, they both live their lives in the shadows of their controlling men. Therefore, both are seen by Hamlet as weak and frail women. Ophelia is characterized many times as a weak women espicially in the quote, “frailty thy name is woman.”(Hamlet, L ) Ophelia embodies the flaw of obiedence, but deeper than that, of dependence. Ophelia is completely dependent on her father and proves her dependence when she acts cruel to Hamlet, which goes against her true feelings toward Hamlet. Later Ophelia agrees to not see Hamlet anymore, “ I shall obey my lord, ” (Hamlet. L 136) which shows Polonious’s control over his daughter. Ophelia’s actions show that she will do anything to appease her father, even making a personal sacrifice which she doesn’t agree with. Ophelia’s desire to appease her father leads her to be used as a puppet in order for the King and Polonious to spy on Hamlet,” Ophelia walk you here-Gracious so please you, We will bestow ourselves.” (Hamlet, L 43-44) Ophelia’s willingness to spy on a person she truly loves, depicts her true nature and her obiedience toward her father. Even when Hamlet harasses Ophelia ad tells her to go to a nunnery, Ophelia had the inability to defend herself. Unfortunately, Ophelia’s dependence on her father leads her to an unnatural death. When her father passes on, Ophelia is left by herself, with no one to give her guidence. Instead of trying to move on with her life, she calls for her brother hoping he will have a plan for her, “ My brother shall know of it. And so I thank you for your good counsel .” ( Hamlet, L 71-72) Polonious’s controlling manner is irreplaceable and finally Ophelia realizes this: “ I would give you some violets, but they withered all when my father died.” (Hamlet. L 187-188) The significance of the violets are that they symblolize faithfulness and they all died because she felt betrayed that her father left her. Ophelia’s death is in result of her dependence, which could be seen through her obiedience and overall weakness of character. Ophelia’s tradegy is a reminder that one should not put your faith in one person and always follow your heart. Similarly, Gertrude is also charcterized by the quote, “frailty thy name is woman.” ( Hamlet, L ) Gertrude, like Ophelia, depends on her husband for advice and insight to Hamlet’s attitude. Gertrude longing for the attention that she loses when her husband dies, quickly marries Claudius, her husbands brother.

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