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Originally Posted by Mohammed Ali Baig View Post
Dear all interested,

In 2013, I took Geography but for 2014, I have replaced it with Psychology. This decision was made after careful study of syllabus and drawing comparison between the both by keeping in view my learning and argumentive capacities, short time and past papers. I have also asked suggestions about my decision and most of ex and present aspirants supported me on this. However, I am badly disturbed by knowing the scores of participants who took this subject in 2013. I dont understand the reason how come such a friendly and straight forward subject could turn into a complete disaster? It is requested to all who appeared in Psychology 2013 and met the same fate to throw some light as a guidance as what actually went wrong in psychology?

Looking forward
this all is because i think more than 95% people follow local books , like written by rakshanda or sherbano , exam cram series , 20-20 series, this all stuff is a hell for one who is going to appear in pakistan's top most competitive exam.

Secondly, paper was lengthy , it required speed , most of candidates do not practice to wrap up questions during tests in 35 minutes, So they just attempted 160-180 marks paper . eg , in paper 2, question from intelligence , examiner asked the whole intelligence in 20 marks question very diffficult to wrap up in 35 minutes , without mastering the skills of flowcharts , tables, diagramatic presentations .

Thirdly, selective preparation is a key to failure , not only just a failure but a failure with humiliation , majority of candidates do not go through social psychology from book 1, and leave juvenile delinquency most of times and others topics too from book 2. so when xaminer gave twist to the paper , candidate himself get twisted . e.g he specified the question from CNS to emotion and brain and similarly question from personality was specified to just two tests , but candidates go for selective preparation , and left with nothing except to go for the questions of xaminer's choice . and score not more than 5-6 in a 20 nos question

fourthly , to understand what had been asked by the examiner is a matter of great concern , we wrongly interpret the statements and lose marks . e.g in paper 2 he asked question on depression and generalized anxiety disorder , not going in details of this question . hope you peoplle will understand?

Fifthly, paper was creative, good analytical and creative skills were required to handle paper .what we do is that we mostly follow notes and books written by local authors , this stuff not only confine one to the limited amount of knowledge but also do not give applications of a particular topic . E.g, he asked relation between brain and emotions , now our knowledge most of the times is limited to amygadala, but alot of stuff can be put here from across the book . not going in debate of that . one can guage the severity of the issue , one another post somebody ask about the development of the nervous system , one of student replied with impunity , that its all about brain . So , how we can expect from him much .

Sixth, wrong selections of questions . like in paper two he asked about the importance of developmental psychology . Now this is a broad question , without boundries and nobody knows what is in the mind of examiner when he asked this question , and we take such questions as an easy task ( gup shup) , there is no doubt in the fact that sometimes (gup shup) is needed but it should have some standard in it , i.e psychological language must be used while discussing , but no , we always like making " gupshups"

seventh , Limited amount of knowledge, , in juvenile delinquency , one can easily quote more than 35 headings , i bet , without reading any source from previious knowledge , but lacking grip on subject , not possible for us

eigth, dealing shortanswers is not a joke , , one must be the best in puting maximum in minimum time, this is only possible only through , flowcharts, diagrams, tables , links , head-head ,

Ninth, time management , atleast one question we know from the paper and we know that particular question upto the extent that we want to put full on paper , means " laadna " on paper that question take 1 hr and 15 min of us , i bet , after that next question takes , 40 min, than 23 min , than 7 min ,

Tenth , anxiety and frustration of papers always log jam your hands , keep your self cool , eat candy "chooran Chatni" my favourite , but dont get panic , even i ve seen ladies shaking their hands at the speed of 80, BP down , invigililator ask Peon to bring salt

i leave coclusion on you people decide , Believe me thereis no problem with the subject , there is nothing better than Psychology and Geography, Psychology is nothing else than your everyday life , this year i ve managed to pass xam by the grace of Allah , i twice went for Psychology , one in 2010 and than in 2012 and scored more than 160 , without any background of this subject , but now i am in love with this subject it is such a good subject i will reccomend it at any cost . The only thing is not to follow the subject but get in love with this subject , the only way through wich one can diagnose each and every aspect of the subject .
if you people are prepared well than Always ask Allah for such type of papers , this is the only way through which one can differeniate between those who have followed exam cram type books , or boooks written by CSPs, and one who is following the foreign author books .
Let me know can our local seasonal writers , who just wrote books for pennies , be compared with foreign authors , these books are baseless , copypaste material , without researches, oh com on,for GOd sake , come out of the inferiority complex of CSPs , we think that , they are everything , their words are like Hadith , we are supposed to follow that , if we are following the same stuff , doesnt seem ridiculous ,now crying because of results .
My dear fellows , you people are suppose to appear in Pakistan's top most competitive exam , understand this reality , FPSC is not mad as they have reccomended for eign authors.
with no offence , i ve tried my best to address your conflicts , further queries contact mme through my profile
need your prayers
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