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Originally Posted by ashfaq mushtaq View Post
bilal dear
good outlines
but don,t you think that in point 2 {a,b,and e are almost repetition of same thought?
anyhow i appreciate it
Yes dear, you are right as far as sub point a and b is concerned, there is some redundancy. But point e is different from these two. If you are student of Philosophy then you would easily appreciate that. Let me tell you, it is appearance of things not the things in themselves that are perceived in mind, now we perceive the sun to be as small as a marble ball with which we used to play in childhood, but for an astronaut it might be different, because he is near and we far far, distance mars our ability to perceive the sun as it really is. So far an astronaut sun is bigger than a marble ball but for us it is not. Point E says that we have some biases that won't allow us to settle at one meaning. For example, ashura is good activity for Shias but for Sunnis it is not, now what exactly is Ashura? So our biases came here, so dear point a and e are different. We can't fix the meaning.
Originally Posted by Hamza Kahlon View Post
Ahhh mashAllah its wonderful bro....its good..clear....shows u know the requirements of the topic...arranged in a good way....inshAllah you will get rewarded for the obvious hard work you have put in writing essays....I will definitely ask you for tips after the papers....once the papers finish though...never too late to learn

P.S. i was wishing for an outline or your thoughts on the essay i attempted "the character of a nation can be judged on its symbolic narratives"

Dear Hamza, thanks a lot for nice words, I'm humbled. Yes, you can come to me any time for help dear. Please pray for me, I'm suffering from a disease, May Allah grant me the recuperation so that I may also enjoy the zeal of papers as you do.
Originally Posted by Nushrah Kabir View Post
great work Sir Bilal.....i was very much confused about these topics but you have cleared my confusion....thanks o lot
Thanks dear.
Originally Posted by Ranjha M S View Post
Very impressive Bilal, which essay you attempted?
Thanks Mohsin bhai, I would go for the same one the outline of which you have quoted. Please pray for me that I get perfectly fine.
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