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Mohammad Akmal, your essay might be good but I really couldn't go beyond the first paragraph. Actually it was the first line..."The only book that is authored by God on the earth is Al-Quran"__ what exactly do you want to say here? By saying "The only book" you are already making all further reasonings wrong, don't you? Muslims know of three 'other' books "revealed" to three other prophets, only if you are not to use the word "author" here. Then there were Sahifas/booklets in different times, again "authored" (strong objection on the dubious use of this word) by God on the earth...and you said on the earth? Was it some sort of mechanization or engineering that had to be done specifically on earth. I definitely owe an explanation!!

I do not mean to discourage you. My point is, one confusing or politically incorrect sentence of yours in the beginning HAS THE CAPABILITY to erode the CREDIBILITY of the whole essay. Or atleast it can potentially be a turn off pointer. Take care.
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