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Originally Posted by flyer View Post
I am not worried about it. I am just talking about the factual face of FPSC's polices which are totally ambiguous and dubious. In CE14, they announced screening test, hence I left everything and was preparing it only. However, later on they canceled it. It means they detracted us gravely. So that's why I am discussing this thing that again FPSC will might detract us. Their polices are not up to the mark. Shame on FPSC because they detracted us in our exam and we are facing the consequences of it, I hope that I will pass my CE14 exam. But their polices have been headache for us. I don't know what's the wrong with them....
Don't give extra attention to screening test. and concentrate on CSS preparation . Screening test will be announced at least 3 weeks or a month before its due date. and If it is announced, that time is enough to prepare
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