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Originally Posted by FAIRUFF View Post
My friend, CE has nothing to do with age and qualification. As we all know, its a game of nerves, if you are well prepared and luck is with you, no one can replace you. We all know that there are many aspirants, who have tried their luck thrice, but remained unsuccessful. So, its not the age or qualifications which matters, its your passion, understanding ability, hardwork and luck, that will work for you.
Those, who advised you not to appear in CE-15, are of the opinion that you are too young for this. You might have good understanding ability but you have time, you should improve yourself. But, there is no harm in giving it a try for better understanding of CE.
Originally Posted by ahmed khoso View Post
Well on the other hand I am advised not to attempt 2015 because I am of age 21. It is said 24,25 is the best age to attempt css but I wonder and let me ask a question. Can a 21,22 year old candidate not qualify css and be allocated in dream group? what is maturity? I think I am writing that is immaturity right well seniors please answer my question can a 21,22 year old candidate not qualify css and be allocated in dream group?
Brother if if u are prepared enough to give it a chance, then u should go for it. But u still have a lot of time available. Do not just waste any attempt. At least be prepared enough so that u should have some hope.
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