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Default Mir Abdullah Khan Ahmedzai Baloch (1715 -1730)

Mir Abdullah Khan Ahmedzai Baloch (1715 -1730) also known as the "Falcon of the Mountain" and "The Conqueror was the ruler of Balochistan during the eighteenth century which is now province of Pakistan.Mir Abdullah Khan Baloch was a very ambitious brave and adventurous person.During his reign,the borders of the Khanate expanded,and he made inroads into Kerman,Derajat,and Kandahar.Makran was annexed in his time,and he made battles with a kalhora forces.with five thousand strong highly mobile forces,he undertook plundering raids in Kerman,Loralai and of the important development during the reign of Mir Abdullah Khan Baloch was the incorporation of Kachi into the Khanate.The kalhora in Sindh were in control of the region that was previously a protectorate of Multan province of the Mughals.In 1718,Mir Abdullah Khan entered Kachi and reduced Gajjan,Sanni,Shoran,Dhadar,and Gandava(Ahmedzai 1995). The Khan remained camped in Kachi for months and collected taxes while the Kalhora officials fled from the areas.Advanced in Derajat was another event of that period.In 1719, Mir Abdullah Khan gathered a huge force and attacked Dera Ghazi Khan that was being ruled by a Baloch Confederacy led by Dodai Baloch tribes since early sixteenth century(Ahmadzai, 1995). The Baloch forces from both sides fought bravely,but at the end the Khanate forces prevailed upon the Baloch of Derajat.from Makran the Khan led an expeditionary to reduce Bander Abbas(iran) to plunder the port not to occupy it but returned back to Makran after reducing the surrounding areas of the port and Southern Kerman due to resistance from Europeans guarding their factories in the of the important events during the reign of Mir Abdullah Khan was his confrontation with Ghilzai rulers of Afghanistan.after the Makran campaigns in 1724 The Khanate forces under the command of Mir Feroz Raisani Baloch occupied pishin, and the Ghilzai governor of the area fled back to Kandahar.Another force under the command of Mir Sultan Shawani occupied Shorawak and made it part of Khanate,Emboldened by these success, the Khan assembled a force under the command of Mullah Issa Raisani Baloch to gain further territory north of pishin.the Khan under the instigation of Nadir Shah sent this expeditionary force toward Kandahar.the ruler of Afghanistan Shah Hussain Ghilzai assembled a huge army and confronted the Baloch forces near Chaman.The more experienced forces of Afghan outnumbered the Baloch forces.and the commander of the Baloch forces Mullah Issa Raisani was killed in the fight.The defeat of the Baloch forces by the Afghan forces was shocking,and the whole nation begin preparation for a revenge attack.Next Year,in 1725, the Khan assembled a huge army to attack Kandahar in order to revenge the earlier defeat(Naseer,1979). some fifty miles from Kandahar,the two forces met in a fierce bloody battle. The Afghan Army was defeated, and the ruler Shah Hussain Ghilzai fled from the scene along with his remaining forces to the safety of Kandahar fort.The Baloch legends had mentioned the tales of extraordinary personnel courage shown by Mir Abdullah Khan Baloch during the battle,which forced the Afghan ruler to flee.on the Baloch side the death toll was high and the Khan of Kalat Mir Abdullah Khan saw it prudent to abandon the planned attack on Kandahar city,so he returned to Kalat after plundering the areas of Zhob and Loralai, he was also a great poet written some poetry in balochi too .
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