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From the book The Moors in spain by Lane pool stanely below shortly explained about few buildings built up in spain by muslims. You can read in detail from the mentioned pages. You can also read about muslim architecture briefly from the history of arabs by p.k hatti as well.
The mosque of cordova

Among the great architectural beauties of Cordova, the principal mosque held, and still holds, the first place. It was begun in 784 by the first Abd-er-
Rahman, who spent 80,000 pieces of gold upon it, which he got from the spoils of the Goths. Hisham, his pious son, completed it, in 793, with the proceeds of the sacking of Narbonne. Each succeeding Sultan added some new beauty to the building, which is one of the finest examples of early Saracenic art in the world.

Moors in spain page # 136.

Madinat ez-zahra

Ez-zahra a small city known as bride of Cardova, and palace situated at the bed of cardova and named after wife of abdurrehman III.

The Arabian authors delight in telling of the wonders of this " City of the Fairest," Medinat-Ez-Zahra, as it was called, after the Khalifs mistress. " We might go to a great length were we only to enumerate all the beauties, natural as well as artificial, contained within the precincts of Ez-Zahra," (page #139-144)

Its architects were renowned throughout Europe ; they had built the marvellous " Red Palace," Alhambra, so called from the colour of
the ferruginous soil on which it stands, and they had covered it with the splendid gold ornament and Arabesque mouldings which are still the wonder of artists of all countries. (page # 221)

you can access the ebook from the below link:
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