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Originally Posted by mhmmdkashif View Post
Ridiculous . Science can give power to dajjal as well as Muslims :p. Unless Muslims want miraculous help ofcourse, I am surprised to see that many Muslims even in the 21st century believe that if they go in battle field angels will come to their help even if they are not seeking knowledge and struggling in the just path as commanded. That's lazy and nature doesn't reward lazy people .
This statement is just a sequela to a statement we were hearing 10-12 years back. It is some thing like that


Eliminate the letter "T" from digital.

Or Dajjal will have one Eye.

Television and camera are also "one eyed" one lens etc.
Dajjal will have his own force which will propogate only his own views i.e equivalent to "Media" in present world.
Dajjal will jump from West and will reach East with in one second.
You can see now the Satellites serving the purpose.

Our orthodox Ulemas to spread fear of "New Civilizations" and "New Things" among simple Muslim masses spread such analogies.
Especially those Ulemas which depend on their "Muqtadis" for their livelihoods, so they keep on spreading such "interesting" things to increase the number of disciples and in turn increasing amount of "Hadyaas" or Gifts from them.
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