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Originally Posted by sikandarbozdar View Post
Dear Friends!
I have passed the test with 52 marks, but I feel this test was not professionally designed, it was a makeshift kind of test, designed by some jack of all type guy.
The questions in Bold i.e. 12 are totally invalid out of 65 questions in GK. I have not included English portion, moreover I have also not included the question whose wrong keys are provided by the commission. This effort is only for the pointing out of the WRONG QUESTIONS, repeat WRONG QUESTIONS.
The questions with wrong keys may be added separately

36. Local name of Sindh Mountain goat?
37. color oppler MRI (color Doppler and MRI are two different techniques, there is no such thing as color Doppler MRI, color Doppler works on ultrasound waves and MRI works on electromagnetic waves)
38. Line on ocean vessels Plimsoll Line
39. Father of rocketry Robert H. Goddard
40. Spherical shape of earth authenticated by Lunar Eclipse
41. Shuddhi & Sanghatan at the end of Khilafat Movement (although shuddhi movement started in early 1900s but we may say it is correct because our authors in css books endorse it after khilafat movement)
42. Suez Canal connects Mediterranean and Red sea
43. German airship Hindenberg met accident in New Jersy, USA. (New york and New Jersy are two separate states, therefore none of the options correct)
44. For rainbow the angle between sun & raindrops should be 40 degrees
45. Seismograph records the amount of groundshaking during an earthquake.
46. Ranikot has two small fortresses within its premises i.e Mirikot and Shergarh (Hence the question is flawed)
47. David Cameroon visited Pakistan in June 2013
48. 1st amendment defined boundaries of Pakistan
49. Intersecting lines are Geographic grids
50. Wings of fire is autobiography of former Indian President Abdul Kalam
51. Lansdowne Bridge inaugurated on 25th March 1889
52. Deepest part of earth is Mariana Trench in Pacific
53. Affairs of east India company came under British crown in both Pitts India act and Govt of India act 1858 (Pitts India act also gave the govt ultimate authority in company affairs by establishing a board of control, however the govt of India act 1858 totally abolished the role of east india company. Moreover there is no option such as govt of india act 1858, as far as prefix govt of india is concerned there are so many govt of india acts 1858, 1861, 1919, 1935).
54. The first Pakistani Woman to scale mount Everest is Samina Khayal Baig.
55. Pakistan signed Baghdad Pact on 23rd September 1955
56. Inventor of LCD was George H. Heilmeier
57. British C in C who came to India to offer a political settlement was Lord Wavell
58. Railway Tracks are banked on curves to obtain necessary centripetal force (There is no option of centripetal in the test, option is centrifugal, other options are irrelevant)
59. Darfur Conflict is in Sudan
60. The world’s largest delta is Ganges delta, which is both in India and Bangladesh or simply the united Bengal of British India (both options India & Bangladesh are correct, this makes question invalid).
61. Speed of Light. The first quantitative estimate of the speed of light was made in 1676 by Rømer (see Rømer's determination of the speed of light).[81][82] From the observation that the periods of Jupiter's innermost moon Io appeared to be shorter when the Earth was approaching Jupiter than when receding from it, he concluded that light travels at a finite speed, and estimated that it takes light 22 minutes to cross the diameter of Earth's orbit. Christiaan Huygens combined this estimate with an estimate for the diameter of the Earth's orbit to obtain an estimate of speed of light of 220000 km/s, 26% lower than the actual value. (This makes both Romer & Huygens correct )
62. Attock fort was during the reign of Akbar
63. Kahu Jo Daro in Mirpur Khas
64. Commercial aircrafts fly in Troposphere
65. Sharia Bill relates to both 9th and 15th amendment bill, former by zia and latter by Nawaz sharif (since none of these options is available, hence the question is invalid)
66. First Nobel Prize awarded in 1901
67. Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn and Manhattan
68. Infrared radiations of sun are absorbed by Green House gases i.e CO2 and water vapour
69. Periscopes is used in submarine to help locate objects on surface
70. Sound travels faster in solids because atoms in solids are regularly arranged and closely packed
71. Faisal Mosque designed by Turkish architect
72. Iran Pakistan pipeline is known as peace pipeline
73. In 1947 who guided in framing civil service rules? No authentic answer.
74. LBOD
75. Democratic Party evolved from Democratic Republican Party of Thomas Jefferson, However the central figure of modern democratic party were Martin Van Buren and Andrew Jackson, since there is no such democratic party, strictly speaking, ever founded by Thomas Jefferson, although it might be thought of as such, it might not make this question invalid however it makes it an extremely weak and vague question.
76. Govt of India act 1935 provided for a federal system and granted a significant measure of provincial autonomy (the two options federal system and provincial autonomy are correct, this makes it an invalid question)
77. Facebook founder the one and only Mark Zuckerburg
78. Largest known galaxy in the universe is named as IC 1101 i.e. an elliptical galaxy (Invalid question)
79. Study of heredity is Genetics
80. The primary colors used in color tv are RBG
81. Fuleli canal
82. Body’s reflex action i.e. involuntary movement is controlled by CNS, just as voluntary movement.
83. 38th Parallel is between North & South Korea
84. Water has maximum density at 4 Degree C
85. An aerated glass bottle taken out of a refrigerator to a hot climate breaks because the outer side exposed to heat would expand in relation to the inner side, which shall produce stress resulting in breaking of the glass. (None of the options is right, the question is invalid)
86. Idea of Indian National Congress was put by Alan Octavian Humes
87. Norway is not a member of European Union.
88. 1956 constitution named Pakistan as Islamic Republic.
89. Midnight Sun is phenomenon of North Arctic and South Antarctic
90. Nanga Parbat incident on 22 June 2013 (none of the options is right, invalid question).
91. The term viceroy was added in the title of Governor General of India in 1858. (The question is weak and vague because it says for the year in which Governor General was changed to viceroy)
92. Natural Gas was discovered in Sui in 1952
93. Pakistan got observer status in SCO “recently” (However the “recently” may be interpreted at your own will, some people claim Pakistan has also got observer status in some other organizations “recently”, this is what happens when you copy and paste questions, another vague question)
94. First ever human heart transplant December 3, 1967.
95. Pacemaker is a device for Heart
96. Aid to Pakistan consortium met every year in Paris, France.
97. Large rain water collection pond in Nangar Parkar
98. Water is universal solvent for what reaction? Chemical, biochemical and physical are correct, invalid question.
99. Circular Debt 506 billion
100. United Nations first Secretary-General, Trygve Lie
what is your overall score in test? in gk portion u got 52 or including english and gk u got 52?
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