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Default Balochi Paper 2014

Part 2.
Attempt any Four questions.

Q.No. 2: Write an Essay not less than hundred words on any ONE of the following:
1 Saindak project in Balochistan
2 Strategic importance of Balochistan
3 Role of NGOs in in Balochistan
4 Archaelogical sites in Balochistan

Q.No. 3: Write a detailed note on the life sketch and literary works of any ONE of the following:
1 Mir Gul Khan Naseer
2 Abdullah Jan Jamal deni
3 Dr. Naimatullah Gichki

Q.No. 4: Write a detailed note on any ONE of the following:
1 Haml o Jaind
2 Shahdad o Mahnaz
3 Feroz Sharaan

Q.No.5: Explain the following Baluchi terms (Any two)
1 Maeir o Murkaa
2 Gaam Burri
3 Nazr aen Barg

Q.No.6 (A) Change the masculine into feminine and feminine into masculine (Any Ten)

1) Lond 2)Duzz brader 3) Buzz 4) Gattach 5) Pulaat 6) Sar wazaam 7) Peeruk 8) Log Baank 9) Saalunak 10) Duskeech 11) Minndh 12) Haji
13) Nakeenak 14) Wajaa 15) Meeesh.

Q.No.6 (B) Change the singular into Plural and Plural into Singular (Any TEN)
1) Kapooot 2) Usshtir 3) Aaadenkaa 4) Dasst 5) Goegaaa 6) Rooch 7)Aspaa 8) Kaagdaa 9) Burwaan 10)Darwazgaa 11)Akss 12) Behraa 13) Lunnat 14)) Nidaarag 15) Darchukaa.

Q.No. 7: What is difference between Idiom and proverb ? write down a detailed note on the importance of Balochi idioms.

Q.No.8 (a) Translations into English
Q,No. 8 (B)Translation into Baluchi
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