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Old Monday, February 11, 2008
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Default for Mr. Owais


well if you are agree with me, so there is nothing to say about.

but your 2nd point about President of Pakistan Its a good step in favour of AQ Khan as well as Mr. Musharraf. ( i think a new thread can be started on this topic). well about appointment of AQ Khan , i want to tell something:

Once IMAM-E-AZAM IMAM ABU HANEEFA (Rehmatullah-e-Alaih) was offered for the post of Qazi-ul-Qaza of the Islamic State by the Ameer of that time (at that time the Islamic state was over to Saudia Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Shaam, Turki), but IMAM-E-AZAM denied for the same. and carried teaching the students on. It is a different story that how he did deny.

but we (probably myself) take a lesson from his that act. after some times, the research (Fiqah) of Imam-e-Azam is spread all over the Islamic state. Approximate Each muslim follows His Fiqah.

But in Pakistan, President of Pakistan fixed Mr. AQ Khan as a VC of an Agricultural University (That post have only the administration work).

I think, it is better that being a VC of a University and a Proved scientist he should be offered to deleiver speech fortnightly in various universities of pakistan to the students of related field, Technical persons and the Junier Scientists in all over in Pakistan. In this way He ( AQ Khan) may pass his inteligence, his experience, to the young generation, rather than only being a vc of a university.

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