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Originally Posted by zainab ali View Post
thank you very much for your detailed reply.

can you please explain why agriculture and forestry ? also why town planning too. is it scoring subject
You are welcome!
1. Agriculture and Forestry ( Keeping in view the background qualification, It would be easy to prepare this subject because It is not just a theory rather a bit technical (in its own domain) , diversified and interesting. It is also a scoring subject, consume less time and easy to prepare. You can grab an average of 70 % score with a handful preparation.

2. Town Planning has been introduced for the first time as a subject. However after going through course content, for an engineer It is more interesting and easy to prepare this subject rather than going for social sciences. Those subjects will require your more effort. And well about score, no subject is scoring unless you make it so do it and suggest others for the next time.
Good Luck!
P.S: This analysis is purely based on my observation, experience and interest. Other people including you may differ from it
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