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Post answers of the mcqs

1 . c. United Nations
2. b. American Politician
3 c. President of Chile
4 a. President of Zimbabwe
5 c. Soviet Nuclear Scientist
6 c. Col. Illahi Bukhsh (probably, I am not sure)
7 c. England (during the year 1988)
8(Do you have any idea about that? Wild guess is option c)
9 b. India
10 b. Dardanelles
11 c. France
12 c. Twenty (probably, I dont know how many were there in 1989)
13 c. Air line
14 b. George Hurbert Walker Bush
15 b. Chinese Economic Programme
16 a. Fighting Falcon
17 d. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto
18 c. Manila
19 c. 1979 (when it was dissolved)
20 b. Breathing space (I think, please comment)
21 d. President Sri Lanka
22 d. Prime Minister of Japan
23 c. Agni
24 b. Nelson Mandela
25 c.30% (probably, I am not sure)
26 c.95
27 c. Chemist
(actually he was an astronomer and philosopher as well, but more famous for
chemistry, so does that mean all the 3 are correct options but option C is more

29 a. 625 A.D.
30 d. Eleven times (counting both singles and doubles titles won)
31 c. Anti Slavery (probably, its older then the other two)
32 c. France
33 d. None of these (Japan is and was in 2005 as well)
34 d. None of these
36 a. Population Explosion (not sure, major problem facing Chinese economy, as I
found on the internet, was income inequalities, so I related it with population)
37 c. Help poor countries pursuing democratic ideals
38 d. None of these (its boundary line between North and South Koreas)
39 c. September
40 c. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
41 c. Inspired Union
42 b. Google
43 d. None of these (he was prime minister of Portugal)
44 a. Providing same trade concessions as are being given to other countries without any discrimination
45 d. All of these
46 b. South Waziristan
47 c. UK
48 d. None of these (it is in Islamabad)
49 c. Northern Areas
50 b.5
51 c. Yuan
52 b. Chairman of the Senate
53 a. South Korea
54 a. Iraq
55 c. Virus
56 c. Bangladesh
57 b. Afghanistan
58 a. China
59 c. New York
60 a. Dr. Shamshad Akhtar (in 2006)
61 b. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
62 c. Richard A. Boucher
63 d. None of these (correct is 7.6)
64 b. Lebanon
65 c. Chancellor of Germany
66 c. Press
67 b. Syed Amir Ali
69 c. Dick Cheney (in 2006)
69 c.15
70 c. Kuala Lumpur
71 b. Bon Ki Moon
72 d. None of these (its 1809 miles)
73 a. Islamabad
74 d. None of these (China officially became member of WTO on 11-12-2001)
76 b. Surah Al-Baqarah
77 b. Sydney
78 b. Dr. Mohammad Yunus
79 c. Hollywood Actor
80 b.57
81 c. Islamabad
82 a. Venezuela
83 b. Dr. Abdus-Salam
84 c. Canada
85 c. Jatia Sangsad
86 b. Doda
87 d. None of these (it was founded by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi
and Mohammad Taha)
88 c. Nasirabad
89 c. Berlin
90 a. Thermal
91 b. America
92 c. Baramula
93 d. None of these (it is the news agency of Palestine)
94 c. Global Warming
95 d. None of these (its knows globally as World Press Freedom Day)
96 b. Canada
97 c. Kharan (with a population density of only 4 ppl/km2, Awaran and Chagai share
the same with Kharan.)
98 b. Australia
99 a. Anwar Sadaat of Egypt
100 b. Sudan
101 d. None of these (its capital town of Kurram agency)
102 d. None of these (its equivalent to 159 litres)
103 c. Malaysia
104 c. Group of 77
105 b. Dwight D. Eisenhower
106 c. Paris
107 d. None of these (he was director of the CIA)
108 c. G-8
109 c. French President
110 c. Both a and b
111 a. Robert Brace Zoellick
112 b. London
113 b.1966
114 b. Nehru, Nasser, Tito
115 a. Khatmandu
116 a. Sheikh Ahmed Yasin
118 b. September
119 d. All of these
120 c. 9 years
121 b. G 4
122 b. Peace Pipeline
123 d. None of these (it was held in 1965 for the first time, please consider reviewing)
124 c. Jasmine
125 c. Tajiks
126 c. Buenos Aires
127 a. Sudan
128 a. Rupiyah
129 a)China
130 a) Commander US forces in Afghanistanb) Head of the US Central Command (CENTCOM)
131 b) Amsterdam
132 c) Yahoo
133 b) 4500 MW
134 a) Indonesia
135 a) Helmand
136 b) England and France
137 a) The North Pacific Ocean
138 d) None of these ( by Sirtaj Aziz)
140 c)South Waziristan

141c) Economics
142 c) 150 million hectares
143 d)None ofthese (He was Prime Minister of France)
144 c) Madagascar
145 c) Press Freedom Day
146 d) Rio de Janerio
147 b) Myanmar
148 a) 2012
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