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Originally Posted by Mariabatoolshah View Post
I am confused between the two subjects: Governance and Public Policy(GPP) and Town Planning and Management(TPM). I have a background of Sociology and I think I would be able to study both of them but my concerns are as following:
TPM seems more technical than GPP thus seems more time consuming and dry, but, on the other hand the course of TPM seems much less than GPP. Kindly guide me in this regard and tell me if TPM is really technical or not and if the course only seems lesser than GPP or really is? Plus, kindly present a comparison between these two with your arguments and points so that better analysis can be made.

I've majored in City and Regional Planning, so use your discretion before making the decision as you may find my views biased. Now coming to the point, I am pretty sure that the syllabus for Town Planing is going to take less time than that of the Governance and Public Policy. First, the TPUM has, as such, no theories like those in the GPP.

Second, its not that technical as you think it might be. The syllabus is designed in a rather simple way. There is intro to the subject, some history, five-years plans of Pakistan (although they directly deal with the economy), and some of the practices of Town planning and management.
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