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Explore the following link, it will help you. In intervew they can ask specific questions regarding the revenue functions.

Functions of Revenue Deptt:

The Head of the Revenue Department is the Executive District Officer
(Revenue) who is the overall Incharge of the Revenue Department. Besides
executive duties, he enjoys the powers of Appellate Authority at the District
level against all judicial decisions of the Sub-Ordinate Officers regarding
revenue matters.

Executive District Officer (Revenue)
District Officer (Revenue)
Deputy District Officer (R)/Staff Officer/revenue/registration/general

Each of these officers/ officials enjoys his specific powers ranging from
looking after the revenue affairs of the Tehsil at the DDO (R) level down to the entry and attestation of mutations at the Tehsildar and Patwari level.


Major Functions of the Revenue Department are as under:


This function is performed by the Patwari Halqa under the supervision of the
concerned Revenue Officers. The yearly assessment of crops i.e. "Jinswar"
prepared by the Patwari is sent to the Board of Revenue, Punjab. After fixation of revenue, the same is collected by the Patwari from the land owners and deposited in the treasury. The outstanding amount of general public towards govt. departments when remains due for long period of time, is declared as Arrears of Land Revenue. The Revenue Department assists in the collection of the same, The detailed record in respect of all such dues/ revenue is maintained in the Tehsil Office of the concerned Tehsil and in the District Office. The revenue staff is also deputed by the Civil Courts for collection of monthly expenses in favour of females fixed by the courts in family cases.


The daily sale/ purchase of land in rural areas is entered by the Patwari
Halqa in a register of mutations and decided by the Revenue Officer Halqa at
the time of his visit to the circle. The govt. dues in respect of each transaction are collected on the basis of market price of land and the percentage fixed by the govt. thereupon. Such dues are also a major source of revenue collection.

In urban areas the registration of sale/ purchase is done through the office of
Sub-Registrar. The govt. dues on sale of urban property are collected as per
schedule rate fixed by the govt. each year.


The record of change in ownership of land resulting from the daily
sale/purchase is maintained by the Patwari Halqa. Every four years this record is updated. One copy of this record lies in the custody of the Patwari and the other in the Tehsil or District Record room.


This is another main function of the Revenue Department. Besides
ownership, the on site possession of land is very important factor for decision
of land disputes. Each year during "Rabi" and "KhariF crops the Patwari visits
his Halqa and records the on site possession position and particular crop/
construction present on the land. This record also lies in the custody of the


In each Tehsil the Tehsildar is the Competent Authority to hear and
decide the cases for partition of land and cases regarding produce in rural
areas. This relates to his judicial powers.


The Revenue Officials are appointed as Local Commission by the Civil
Courts for compilation of site reports in civil suits.


In addition to above, all matters regarding land like demarcation,
acquisition of land and removal of illegal possession in rural areas and
submission of reports regarding state land etc. are performed by the Revenue
Department. The record regarding land, condition of crops, construction, important daily incidents and entry of death etc. is maintained by the Patwari in his Daily Diary.


In addition to the duties performed in the capacity of Revenue
Department, the revenue officials offer the following services:

(i)Assistance to the other govt. agencies in case of any
emergency situation like earthquake, out-break of fire,
floods and census or any other such situation.

(ii)Assistance to the police to prepare report regarding spot
positions in case of murder or other such crimes.

(iii) Submission of reports in case of occurrence of
any disease to the human, animals and crops etc.
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