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I am presenting some random MCQs though they are not in a sequence and they have covered all of the sides of Grammar.
I request all of you, while solving reasons must be pasted so that the other aspirants may also know the technique that how to solve English Grammar.


No, they won't.

A: Will the new secretaries take long coffee breaks?
B: Pam and Junko will come to dinner?
C: What will they do?
D: Will the childs go to the new school?
E: Will your cousins visit on November seventeen?

Which is CORRECT?

A: Jack and Jill gone up the hill
B: for to fetch a pail of water.
C: Jack down fell,
D: and breaked his crown,
E: and Jill came tumbling after.

Fill in the blank:

Some birds are sitting ______ the house.

A: onto
B: for
C: to
D: after
E: on top of

Fill in the blank:

______ the war, most Italians were farmers.

A: To
B: From
C: While
D: Before
E: When

Fill in the blank:

______ the football game last night?
No, last night we went out to dinner.

A: Watched you
B: Watchen
C: You watched
D: You did watch
E: Did you watch

Fill in the blank:

______ they the first customers of the day?

A: Who
B: Were
C: Was
D: What
E: Who were

Fill in the blank:

Crabs are strange animals because they walk ______.

A: below
B: beside
C: to side
D: up
E: sideways

Fill in the blank:

I will speak ______ Suzanne when I see her.

A: in
B: to
C: around
D: at
E: toward


What did you think of the show?

A: I did think it was a little boring.
B: I thank it was very good.
C: It was interesting, beautiful and was exciting.
D: I thought it was prettily stupid.
E: It was all right.

Fill in the blank:

______ the all-natural bread?
Yes, it was very good.

A: Did try you
B: Did try
C: Tried you
D: Did you try
E: Did you tried

Which is not correct?

A: Did you get in the concert?
B: Let's find in the answer.
C: Hello, is Sumiko in?
D: He still hasn't taken in the whole situation.
E: I put in my suggestions at the meeting, but nobody listened.

Change the (verb) to the past tense:

He (doesn't have) a bank account.

Change the (verb) to the past tense:

We (buy) pasteurized milk.

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