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Originally Posted by Ahsan Maab View Post
Congratulations to everyone. Now, can any senior member please shed some light on the rest of the procedure especially the structure of Psychometric Test and how to prepare for it. My friend has been called for this test and wants to know if anyone can help.

Muhammad Ahsan Maab
Ministry of defense 2016 Assistant Director Result has been announced for first phase. Here is the details to prepare for phase ll that is Psychometric Test.

Originally shared by: DIVERGENT

Psychometric Testing for MoD...!!
I hope that all of the qualifiers have finished enjoying their cup of coffee and now this the time to move on. In this post I will try to describe the pattern of psychometric testing by NTS. At this very moment, we all are well aware of the fact that MoD enjoys the element of surprise, yet we will look over the last year’s pattern to have an idea over the subject.

Psychometric is more or less like psychological Test of CSS or ISSB. Basic contents of psychometric testing are...

IQ test

Non Verbal: 50
Verbal 50
Total allotted time: 30 minutes

REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy)

It is like filling the blanks.
E.g: I like….., I love…. , Sometimes…
Around 30 in English and 30 in Urdu

MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory)

MCQ type questions.
E.g.: I like crime stories
A. Strongly agree B. Agree C. Neutral D. Disagree E. Strongly disagree.

TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)

Traditional picture story writing. Candidates will be required to write 3 stories and 5 minutes for each story.

Associated words

A specific word will be displayed for 10 seconds and candidates will have to write sentence on the word. After 10 seconds, next word will appear.
Total words: 30

Your strengths, weaknesses etc. etc.

Note 1: There is no right or wrong answer to the questions. It is purely personality assessment test and yet one of the difficult to clear. The authorities are not interested in knowing our traits but they are searching for the required and we don’t know that what they are looking for.

Note 2: Psychological stage is very important because many of candidates will be filtered out at this stage. It is advised to prepare yourself on scientific lines.

Note 3: I cannot prepare any candidate via forum, so it is advised to consult ISSB books for preparations.

Note 4: Be positive, you will have not the time to think so start working on your psychological profile and don't try to lie... because this multi dimensional test is designed to point out any lies.

Wish all of the candidates in their endeavours. May ALLAH bless us with success. Ameen


I will entertain all possible queries.

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