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Default Exam Leave problem for CSS-2016"education dep"

Please help me in this matter,

I am currently working in education department as a PST in Sindh govt, I got signed "departmental permission certificate" by E.T.O (Educaiton Tahsel Officer), & sent it to FPSC along with application form. I got my admit card, now going for appearing in exam. Therefore, I need 15 days leave, but when I went to E.T.O again for getting my exam 15 days "exam leave", he is saying that he can not give me the said leave, and I have to go to E.D.O (Education District Officer). I asked this matter to one of my friends, who is saying I need to contact Director, because he is the authority that will probably give me the leave? Actually I am newly appointment, and have been 11 months. Facing such problems, and looking all this unfair how they are making people to frustrated for legitimate matter. If any one of you have gone through such process, or you know the right way, please guide me, so that I may go to right way.
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