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Old Friday, March 25, 2016
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Default Training minds

People often say that they don't offer Fajr because they cannot wake up easily, similarly, they cannot give up their habit of smoking, abusive language, etc.

And Psychologists, motivational speakers say that its just about training your mind. One can do anything if he wills and mind will follow. So, same thing happened to me.

I am intensely sick and tired of our cricket team losing every single tournament, even losing matches against teams such as Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. And I always end up getting agonised at the deteriorating performance of our team. So i stopped keeping hope of our team winning matches. Consequently, time came when i become indifferent at the outcome of the matches even at the victory and at the next level i have become anti-Pakistani team now.

What i meant to say is that now i feel happy when Pakistani batsman gets bowled out, caught out, run out, or lose a match. I along with my friend was watching Ind vs. Pak match in public at road. Whenever Kohli or any other Indian batsman was hitting six or four, I was cheering out aloud, at which my friend stopped me saying that public will beat you out. Similarly, as I am drafting this thread while watching Aus vs. Pak match, 2 things happened:

1. Aaron Finch bowled out by Imad (and i felt sad)
2. Maxwell and Smith hit 4s ( and I felt happy)

Now what conclusion I am drawing from my situation is that the reversion of mind is not because of some inspiration, desire of achievement or motivation, instead it is because of letting down of hopes by Pak team.

I would like to know from all Psychologists, student of Psychology, and everybody present over here and reading this thread that what are your comments over my this psychological condition as it has happened automatically as I had not wanted it to be done. And would there be any adverse impacts on my personality because everyone keep hopes of their loved ones, friends, closed acquaintances etc. And since nobody is perfect in this world and people will definitely not keep up to the every hope and my present psychological condition may lead to the negative behaviour.

So now I look forward for your valuable comments.

P.S. Australian team has made themselves invincible by scoring 193 :P

Yours sincerely
Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud - Maya Angelou
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