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Originally Posted by MHassaan View Post
can i go for psychology with null background in this respective subject,
i have an engineering background
i have seen past papers,this subject interests me but everyone is saying that it is a very confusing subject and one shouldn't opt it without a proper background
in it !
is there a chance that it could be of 200 marks in the 2017 sallybus ?
If you have an engineering background, I believe you can opt for psychology easily. The reason behind this belief is that psychology, just like all other science subjects requires to the point answering of questions. Candidates with engineering background can easily go with it. It is not at all confusing. It has some Biology portion, which turns out to be a little difficult for candidates with zero Bio background. However, for CSS you have to opt for subjects where your additional effort is required to score high. But it's worth the risk.

Moreover, if you find it interesting, you should go for it. It will give you good marks, provided you support your answers with illustrations and diagrams where ever required.

There is quite a hullaballoo over the revision of syllabus and subjects already. I dont think that the FPSC will change the marks or the syllabus for another century now. So expect Psychology to be of 100 marks for your 2017 attempt.
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