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Originally Posted by jamalnasir View Post
I appeared in CE2015 and then in CE2016. I know there were some flaw in my first attempt that I flunked, but in CE2016 I appeared with full zeal and complete preparation. After written I started preparation for interview because I was sure that I would clear that time, but astonished to see that again I flunked in Essay and composition papers. Even my essay which I wrote on the topic of gender equality is a myth was published in FPSC recommended magazine World Times and many senior bureaucrats like Sir Sarmad Saeed (rtd. AIG) appreciate my articles. Anyone can check my writing style from here:

After CE2016 result I have come to know that FPSC is unjust and absurd department who deliberately fails candidates in one or two papers while neglecting their talent. I wanna arrange a procession to the FPSC offices for 3, 4 hours sit in, after 10 Muharam in October. It will not change CE2016 result, but may be next time they abandon this heinous act. Anyone who thinks that FPSC is an inequitable department, please join me for this just cause. Not only those candidates who appeared in CE2016, but anyone who thinks that FPSC is an inequitable department can join me. I'll go for sit in if minimum 200 brothers/sisters join me because it will look stupid if I alone go to procession.

Please reply who are with me and are ready to go for protest.

This is harsh reality. You have to face it. I'm flunked in these two killer paper. I did my best but it was not enough. The better way is to move on with life. We still have 1 golden attempt left. Maybe there was some fundamental flaws that hindered your true expression.

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