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Originally Posted by Nazish Hina View Post
I didn't want to start an argument here.
You believe that universe is just and good things happen to good people. I think that's naive and childish. That's why I said to each his own.Awful things happen to good people for no reason.

Moreover, people are hindered from achieving their dreams the moment they are born, their social standing, the type of school they go to and even their DNA decides for them, that what type of career they end up with. Yes, we do have free will but is it enough to overcome all of our circumstances. We are also a product of our environment.

We as humans love rags to riches stories because they make us believe that we can be one of them. Such people are one in a million, but those are the ones we love to think of, because we don't care about statistics or facts, we just want to believe that good things will happen to us.

You want to believe it, sure go ahead. Don't obsess over, whether or not I believe it.

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