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Default Interview 2005!

Salam everybody and thankyou for your prays,

I am sorry that I am late due to being busy in the medical etc.
Now come to the point, regarding interview. Interviews are going very accordingly to the personality and psychological of the concern candidate. Now I am trying to elaborate mine interview(only questions)

Chairman: Hello Mr. Sajid, Aye Aye, how r u?
So Mr. Sajid what is the nature of your job?
What your company do?
How are you from?
What your father do?
Do you not read newspapers?
What is president doing in Oslo?

And thus he went with the introduction rather than asking for the traditional introduction

1. Our president has given a statement yesterday at Oslo that Uniform has to do nothing with the democracy. What president is saying for?
Is not president making laugh stalking of our nation?
2. What we should do? What the nation should do?
3. Why president is saying things like that?
4. And why not America which is supporting democracy throughout the world, going for democracy in Pakistan?
The second panelist:
5. Mr. Sajid, is not it dangerous for Pakistan that president and PM are both out of the country at the same time even security conditions throughout the world are unpredictable?
6. What president is doing, not a duty of trade minister?
7. What are the famous cases of Pakistanís constitutional history?
8. When and why was Yousif Patelís case petitioned in the judiciary?
9. What has impressed you in (my favorite personality)?
10. Where president is leaving from Norway?
11. What is Islamic system of government?
12. How is Islam providing complete code of conduct for a nation while almost all religions claim this?
The Third one:
13. What is their influence of feudalism in the society?
14 How we can get rid of this?
15. Did the feudals give relief to common man?
16. How we can educate our society?
17. How much time it will take to educate the society?
18. What was Quaidís vision of Pakistan?
19. Is it accomplished?
Back to Chairman:
20. Which is closest system of government in Islam?
21. Is not a just Caliph better than a corrupt popular leader?
22. What is against Islam in democracy?
23. Why some of the Islamic Scholars favour the Caliph system as the best system of Government?

Thank you Mr. Sajid, have a good day.

I may miss one or two questions as mostly they keep a style of discussion.
But as a whole we can judge from the trend of the interviews that Panel make a base from the psychological assessment and then expand that according to the discussion.
All the best to you all,

In need of your prays,
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