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Old Tuesday, October 04, 2016
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Result anay wala hai aisa Q lag raha hai k essay ne mera kam tamam kar dia hai
Rise and Shine with Dignity
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Old Saturday, October 08, 2016
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dont write too complicated essays
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Old Saturday, October 08, 2016
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Originally Posted by bhgn998 View Post
Does Foreign Aid helps to achieve economic stability?

I) Introduction:
a) Economic stability is of paramount importance in the nation's development
b) Relying on foreign aid for economic stability is an utter folly
c) Foreign aid does not serve the national interest

II) Thesis Statement:
Foreign aid makes the leadership of a country dependent and does not serve the national interest thus hampering the economic stability rather than achieving it.

III) What is an Economically Stable Nation?
a) politically sound
b) socially cohessive
c) educationally supreme

IV) Why foreign aid is incapable of achieving economic stability:
a) serves the self interest of the donor and not the national interest
b) makes the leadership of a country dependent
c) give rise to corruption
d) makes a nation stagnant as a whole

V) Foreign aid does not lead to economic stability - A Glimpse from history:
a) Pakistan has not been able to become economically stable despite heavy foreign aid
b) Japan, after WWII achieved excellence through strong political leadership and education not the foreign aid

VI) How to achieve economic stability then?
a) Independent political leadership
b) eliminating corruption
c) investing in education
d) enhancing foreign direct investment
+ two more points which I cant remember

VII) Conclusion:
a) Economic stability is the bread and butter of any nation
b) Masters of nations are needed and not the slaves of foreigners to achieve economic stability
Read this book(albeit only the introduction for this topic), Christ Candland-Labor, Democratization and Development in India and Pakistan (Routledge Contemporary South Asia) (2008), the introduction of the book is about the importance of foreign aid depending upon the internal structure of the economy i.e., the IMF programs in the 70's and 80's regarding the restructuring of the economy and how it has shaped the new world, specifically the subcontinent. The more you read, the more you will know that foreign aid is not that bad that it seems to be.
Hopefully, I am not too late.
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Old Monday, October 17, 2016
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ASLMUALIKUM 2 all members
plz guide me from where do i get solved past papers of css complusory as well as optional subjects
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Old Monday, December 12, 2016
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Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan: need for reforms and institution building.


All is well that ends well. Although it started as a hope on 14th August 1947, we still have time before it ends; the hope of people to be facilitated with basic necessities and a progressive future. Such an ending is only possible through good governance.

B. Establishing the crisis: a snapshot of current governance

1. The value of life: state of health sector and events like Drought in Thar and Flash floods in Punjab

2. Young population and massive unemployment

3. Inefficient judicial system

4. Insecurity from security agencies itself

C. The need of reform: stakes of continuing with the same

1. Democracy is in danger of losing confidence of the people

2. Extremist ideologies make space for demanding alternative system

3. Soft image of the country tarnished among coming of nations with reports of bad governance

4. Future generations suffer as current generation falls in social ills.

D. The way forward for reform

1. Good governance requires statistics: population census the need of the hour

2. National consensus on policy for any sector possible including health, education, food security and energy.

3. Policies lead to programs hence mechanism of inclusiveness for local population in these projects.

E. Drafters, approves and implementers of policies: The institutions and their capacity building

1. It takes two to make a quarrel. Hence both bureaucracy and lawmakers to be trained in aspects of good governance.

2. Inter - institutional interference to be checked through mechanisms of accountability.

3. Prescribed institutional limits and authorities should be continuously evolving to meet new challenges.

4. Mechanism to gauge institutional and individual performance with attractive rewards.

5. Strengthening and resourcing local governments.


The dire need for reforms exists with a need for considerable time to absorb and implement these reforms. The institutional building that will be the bearing fruit of these reforms will surely lead to efficiently governed country. The hopes of 1947 will surely turn to an unwavering reality.

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Old Tuesday, December 27, 2016
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Originally Posted by Nazish Hina View Post
I attempted The place of Urdu in Pakistan and Supreme Court's ruling on making Urdu the official language. It was indeed a lovely paper.

Here you go with my outline...

2-Controversial History of Urdu
a) Before Partition
b)After Partition
3-Supreme Court's ruling
a) Impact of Supreme Court's ruling
b)Response to Ruling
i)Welcoming Response
ii) Abrasive Response
4- Can Urdu effectively replace English?
a)English- Language of the world?
b)Access to Research and cooperative research
c)Online Learning
d)Changing Economic Spectrum
e)Language of computers
5-Role of Urdu
a)Urdu as a Unifying Language
b) Rich literary history of Urdu
c)Easily understood by common folks
d)Quaid's dream
6-The way forward.
a) Amalgamation of Cultural and global.
b) Incentives for Urdu writers
c) Dual medium of instruction
d) Bridging the gaps at home and abroad.

My thesis statement was that both are extremely important and one simply won't do.
More refined obviously

I hope this pays off. I left Gender equality for this....
Asalam u alaikum Nazish , how many marks did u get in english essay ?

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Old Saturday, May 20, 2017
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can anyone please help in making an outline for the 4th essay....
it would be a pleasure
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Old Saturday, May 20, 2017
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Originally Posted by highly uploaded View Post
World as a Global Village: Learning to Live together.

a.Globalization & Global Village
b.Living together in a Global Village
2.Efforts of ancient societies for living together
3.Synergy of globalization & life in learning
4.Where learning takes place through globalization, leads life more closer

a.Easing Domestic Front
b.Increasing Online communities
c.Empowered education institutions
5.Factors of Globalization influencing living together
c.Cultural diffusion
d.Formation of collective norms
e.Predictable attitudes
6.Afflictions of globalization
a.Social isolation
b.Social Network horror
7.Future of living together in a global village

This was my outline in 2016 Essay and I posted almost 2000 words in it. I remained to the point and portrayed/elaborated in broader terms with slight instances. I highly appreciate comments from 360 degrees. Thanks.
Were your​ essay flunked? It is a quite good outline.

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