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Default Artificial Intelligence

How does artificial intelligence work? There are 10 stages of AI, as follows:

Rule-based AI

It is also known as knowledge-based intelligence. Robots created in the last century used rule-based AI.*
It used to answer based on what statements or logics were fed and couldnít answer out of them.
This technology helped work because rules were predefined, and based on them, this technology had to work. It didnít have the ability to learn from the environment and work independently.
Like an alarm clock and thermostat. In the alarm clock, if it is 7 a.m., then it fires an alarm. In a thermostat,* if it reaches a particular temperature in the room, it turns off or on the AC. This technology is also used in cars with microwaves or radios.

Context-based AI

This technology takes care of user inputs and the environment around them. It focuses on user interest and user data or history, which help make a decision. This technology is way more advanced than rule-based AI. It is found in Assistant, Siri, Google, and Alexa. Therein, it focuses on usersí historical data and its patterns, which help work according to usersí interests.
If a weather forecast is asked and if it is raining, then it will not only give a weather report but also suggest taking an umbrella along. If a recipe is asked from Google Assistant, then based on your last grocery shopping historical data, it will not just tell you the nearest store but also what groceries to shop for. This software focuses on browser history and purchase history.

Narrow domain AI

It is designed not just for big, particular tasks but also for longer-taking tasks. It renders services in seconds, which takes longer. This technology takes nanoseconds to study medical books, patients histories, records, and ailments and give perfect results, having done research as well. Like IMB Watson, It is in the medical field. It helps medical and health care professionals. This technology is used in market trading, analysing patterns in stock exchanges as well. It is also used in games like chess. There was a challenge for AI to understand chess moves, but through a narrow domain, AI has made it possible to play chess. Alpha Go not only understood chess but also defeated many chess human experts. In the future, this technology may make it possible to translate live conversations between two people and make communication easier.

Reasoning AI

Therein, it can copy the human thinking that happens in daily routine life. The human being analyses not just data but also debates, analyses patterns, and draws conclusions with logic. Reasoning AI copies all that process and gives hard-found solutions in nanoseconds, which humans take months. ChatGPT AI is an example that uses several languages and gives results in text form. It uses millions of websites. It is a chatbot used to chat with humans, also known as a generative pretraining transformer. It uses deep learning-based algorithms that focus on human chat history and learn how humans interact through chat. Another example is Microsoft Bing, which uses information and provides links. Advanced versions, like ChatGPT4 or Copilot AI, Whose reasoning skills are better than human?

It provides a thousand times more correct and perfect reasoning skills. Another example is autonomous vehicles, which use reasoning analysis to ensure the safety of riders in nanoseconds.

Artificial General Intelligence

This technology has not been achieved so far but will be achieved sooner. It works like humans. It has the ability to learn a million times more than humans. Anything could be taught to this technology, like humans.

If you wake up in the morning, it will not just tell you the you the weather but also take care of your mood and plan your day accordingly. It could help you with research and making any recipe.

It also uses the brain-computer interface BCI, which could help humans interact with the AGI technology through their own thinking.

If this AGI technology is installed in robotics, one canít anticipate technological storms. It will help in rescue operations, complex and advanced surgeries, and paintings with immense expertise.

Superintelligence AI

Once AGI is achieved, then, through super-intelligence AI, it will be possible to learn without human interference and adapt according to the environment around you.
It will have more artificial intelligence than all the humans that have descended on the earth so far. There will be an exponential increase in intelligence using this technology. It will resolve the complex issues that humans face on earth. It will make all things possible that were in science fiction until now.

Self-aware AI

It will use quantum algorithms and will succeed in making consciousness models like humans. It will succeed in having emotions and senses like humans. It will work more efficiently than us and do what we cannot imagine. Robots with self-aware AI will do whatever they want more efficiently than us and will see us with strange eyes. It is possible that we will all depend on them and live according to them in the future.

Transcendent AI

Therein, it will introduce new life, either biological, digital, or something else that we canít imagine. It will have all its qualities and capabilities in advance. It will increase its generations and make nanorobots with amazing abilities.

Cosmic AI

This technology will help explore space and will have the capability to face challenges in space like cosmic radiation and extended isolation. Humans donít have the life to travel thousands of light years over longer distances, so it will help them travel thousands of light years in less time. It will help solve black holes, dark energy, and dark matter mysteries. It will have cosmic consciousness as well.

God-like AI

Therein, everything is imaginary, which is not possible in the future yet. There is no definition for this technology yet.

Shahjehan Soomro
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