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Originally Posted by mrbeat View Post
Salam dear members,

I have a small problem which i would like to discuss with you guys and would also be needing your recommendations.

I basically am confused about which job offer should i select. I have right now two opportunities. The first is NESCOM fellowship, which will lead to an SPS-08 job after completion of studies. My studies would be free and i would be getting a stipend from the government.

The second offer is for a BS 17 Engineer post in Ministry of Science and Technology.

Now, thing is, I know the NESCOM fellowship is more attractive because of the perks and privileges involved, plus promotion after 2 years. But, i have to sign a bond for almost 6 years with them and during that time i cant get NOCs, if i want to apply for CSS or any place else.

The Ministry job does not have these constraint. But, the perks and privileges are not at that level as those of the NESCOM job.

So, dear members, would you all be kind enough to suggest me which post should i opt for? Considering the fact that i want to apply for CSS the next year as well. Your kind words will be appreciated.

Are you talking about PIEAS fellowship?
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