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Originally Posted by Anum Zara View Post
I also have a query. You have mentioned that if someone keeps FSP as her 1st preference she will not get allocation in PAS because merit of PAS closes before FSP. I have ambiguity about it. If some one keeps FSP as 1st priority and merit of PAS does not get close before FSP , will she will get PAS if she is on merit or not because technically if FSP is first preference is FSP and merit of PAS closes before FSP she will be automatically not considered for PAS as she is not on merit for that. Do they not consider a person at all whose 1st priority was FSP for PAS even she is on merit?
Your question became incomprehensible for me in the middle but here's my answer.
If your first priority is Fsp and second pas, then you will be considered for pas if merit of Fsp closes before pas. But in my limited experience, merit of pas can never close before FSP... Fsp is also first preference of people.But as compared to people with first preference of pas, the number is of former mentioned people is meagre.
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