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Default Being a minority is a fate no one wants. Can nationalism really be inclusive?

Posting the outline of my essay which passed in CE 2017

Thesis Statement: Nationalism is not inclusive and a more inclusive nationalism has not yet been formulated

What is Nationalism

Nationalism according to Pakistani intellectual Eqbal Ahmad

Nationalism as an ideology of separation

Examples of the tragedies created by nationalism (focusing on crimes against minorities)

The Armenian Genocide

The Jewish holocaust

The 2002 Gujarat Riots in India. Referenced Rana Ayyub's book Gujarat files

In Brief: Nehru's inclusive nationalism?

Summary and conclusion.

Throughout the essay I focused on addressing the question asked in the essay: Can nationalism really be inclusive?

I explained the mechanism of how nationalism targets minorities in the first part of the essay, then in each example i showed the mechanism in action.

Length:1700-1900 words
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