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Post my css interview 2008

Dear fellows kindly assess my performance and also pray for my success. Here is my interview for css 2008. it was held on 19th Feb. It was 38 minutes lengthy. I was wearing an out of the way dress i.e. a camel color suit with black shirt and black tie with silver lining.

I entered in interview room at 12.02 pm. Chairman asked me to have a seat. I loudly said ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM and everybody replied.

Chairman asked my introduction

I introduced myself for 3, 4 minutes

Chairman tell about your brothers

I did

Chairman well your elder brother was interviewed in 2006 and does he resembles u?

No sir. He looks younger

Chairman (with a smile) gentleman what happened to ur hair? Your picture shows a lot of hair-----how u lost those?

I said sir when I was preparing for written in Nov 2007 hair fall started and one of my friends advised me to get my head shaved and I did the same but lost the existing lot even

Chairman (laughed) ok gentleman the moral is “don’t pay heed to any piece of advice?

I gave a smile

Chairman well Mr. Musharraf is Ur favorite person?

Yes sir

Chairman people are demanding him to be hanged and u like him?

Sir he’s a committed soldier and A great leader. He served Pakistan really well. While people of Pakistan are media guided missiles. Media is contributing brutally to his fame

Chairman ok. Ok. But I’m not satisfied tell me his services

Sir he served the nation as its soldier for 44 years and as a commander he led his soldiers from the front. He boosted our economy (I gave some statistical data). He invited lot of personal risks to fight war on terror right from the front and broke the network of ALQAIDA in PAKISTAN. He managed disastrous earthquake so efficiently that many of us don’t remember that it had happened in the recent past.

Chairman well gentleman he did nothing to generate energy?

I don’t agree sir. I quoted some projects and an event from national assembly proceedings when engineer ameer muqam interrupted raja pervez, who was briefing house that 2000MW have been added and another 1900MW will be added to the system soon from ongoing project. Here ameer mukam asked these 3900MW ongoing projects were started by whom? And minister raja had to admit it on the floor of assembly that these were started by previous regime
I further added that country was constantly growing @7-8% and our energy could not meet this level of growth.

Chairman ok gentleman imran khan Ur second favorite. Person? Why a rival of musharraf?

Sir I have given the reason that he was a good cricketer, a social worker and a principled politician. And as for as rivalry is concerned imran had welcomed him in the office in the start but later musharf sab was not up to his expectations and he was so principled that he denied many posts of power.

Chairman but is he a successful politician?

No sir. But success is not an indicator of uprightness

Chairman do u think that there is a chance of imran’s success?

I’m hopeful that a day will come when democratic culture would be established and people would be aware or their rights and obligations. Its not an individual’s struggle so even imran may not be alive by that time but that will be the time of such kind of principled politicians to be successful.

Chairman ok tauqeer I appoint u on a very high profile seat…….. (Started thinking for 5 seconds)………ok say u are prime minister of Pakistan. What three steps…..mega steps will u take for your country?

Sir I shall curb terrorism and shall develop those disturbed areas to enhance the quality of life of people who……..

Chairman interrupted u’ll curb terror? It means u’ll act as US wants?

No sir I’ll not be silent spectator. No doubt I’ll need their help but not the dictated policy. Rather things will happen according to my designs. I’ll……..

Chairman interrupted ok tell me next step

Sir I’ll concentrate on economy……..

Chairman interrupted ok but economy is very broad plz narrow down fields of priority in economy

Sir I shall prioritize agriculture, industry and power generation …….

Chairman interrupted prioritize, agriculture or industry?

I said agriculture because…………

Chairman interrupted tell me single country which is power on the base of agriculture?

I thought a bit and replied that US is agricultural country

Chairman no dear their major contribution is industry. Think more?

I said no country comes to my mind

Chairman ok then what is Ur decision now? U prioritize agri or industry?

Sir even then agriculture

Chairman why (he roared)?

Sir majority of population is engaged in this sector and we have potential in our fertile lands and it’s more neglected area of our country and needs immediate reforms. While industry is being taken well care of, only problem there is power shortage.

Chairman ok gentleman! Give me Ur books

I handed my books over to him and he referred me to bukhari sab and started to read my books

Bukhari sb tell me Pakistan’s stance over expansion of Security Council?

I told him all including India’s membership etc

Bukhari sb
what conditions IMF imposed for recent assistance?

I listed down

Bukhari sb why land reforms failed?

I told in detail about feudal dominance in the parliament etc

Bukhari sb
How Bhutto’s land reforms were avoided by feudals?

I told him the segregated transfer of land to the kids and servants and subjects by the feudals

Bukhari sb how can we have successful land reforms?

Sir we need to establish democratic culture. It’ll be established by empowering common man. When common man would be knowing the worth of his vote then moderate class will reach parliament and then any kind of reform will be an easy task.

Bukhari sb well gentleman, president stated a few days ago that Pakistan will not use nuclear option first…….. During war with India” comment on this

Sir first of all there has been some sort of lack of coordination among different government institutions in terms of statements during recent days.
Secondly GOD forbid if such kind of situation came then in my opinion, president will not be the person to decide it.

Bukhari sb whatttt? (He shouted)

I humbly repeated my last sentence

He referred me to RIZVI SB, Who asked mostly from my psychological file.

RIZVI SB Since you are a writer and poets & writers are very soft people, how could u do good being a police officer?

I said sir my software is soft but my hardware is not soft at all. I quoted Alama

I also mentioned some psp poets and writers who are very active police officers.
I also told that writer has a keen observation. He can investigate things better as he is capable of looking the thing on the carpet as well as under the carpet

Rizvi sb you had differences with your father……..who smoked? He or you?

Sir he smoked.

Rizvi sb did u forbid him?

Yes sir I used to request him to avoid smoking.

Rizvi sb (angrily) who are you to dictate your father and why did u do so?

Sir it was not a dictation. Dr had recommended him to stop smoking so he did not smoke at home, but while outside he used to take a single cigarette and smoked oftenly. He was very frank with his male children so he used to ask me not to tell mother about it. At this I oftenly requested him to stop smoking because it was injurious to his health.

Rizvi sb well tauqir u are planning to write a novel in next 5 years but your police service wont give u spare time, then would u write that novel on the cost of ur work?

Sir writing is my hobby and I have never written on the cost of my duties. You may see my track record. My first book was published when I was a student of 3rd semester in April 2004, because I had leisure time to write at campus. After completion of my masters I remained unemployed for 6 months and wrote the second one which was published in July 2005. I started my career in august 2005 and since then there is no publication. It proves that I shall write in those days when I would be free. Like, one becomes OSD or ultimately after my superannuation, if I lived alive by then (smile).

Rizvi sb who is Hugo chewaz?

I told him

Rizvi sb what kind of referendum was there in his country? What was result?

I told him completely

Rizvi sb Israeli elections took place-------results?

I told about foreign minister got one more seat and natan yahoo.

Rizvi sb who would form the government?

Sir it’s premature to say. Its politics anything can happen but it depends on the inclination of smaller parties.

Rizvi sb gentleman u are a writer, and its impossible to become a good writer without the use of alcohol………am I right?

No sir its just fiction and a myth

Rizvi sb I can list down 10 renowned poets and writers who drink.

Sir I can list one thousand persons who drink but are not writers.
(All three of them laughed)

Rizvi sb it’s the same situation as once a person was caught in a theft red handed and judge told him that 10 people have come to court who have seen to stealing. He replied sir I can bring 1000 people to court who have not seen me doing so (at this all four of us laughed). Gentleman issue is not over, tell me why writers drink?

Well sir every deviant person has a self made justification for one’s wrong doings.
There are many students of css who say that smoking is essential for preparation but the fact is that one becomes addicted to such kind of things and then just to justify that act, one links it to one’s positive or creative activity. As well as writing is concerned it needs an active and present mind while drinking damages both qualities.

Rizvi sb gentleman u are having very big moustaches, such kind of moustaches are famous because Mr. Zardari used to keep. And these were called handle like moustaches. Have u followed Mr. Zardari?

No sir I have followed my father, who used to keep such kind of moustaches. And its part of my culture as I’m Punjabi. It’s not bad or socially unapproved because all 4 chief ministers of our provinces, president and PM have kept moustaches. (smile on all the faces)
I narrated an event. Sir in 2005 I attended national youth convention at Islamabad where geo news recorded capital talk. I participated in that talk show and I was having same kind of moustaches at that time. I was offered the role of Mr. Zardari but I denied the offer because shooting was scheduled at Karachi. Geo had no studio at Lahore in those days.

Rizvi sb oho!! But even now u can do that role (everybody laughed)

Sir I won’t coz I’m a government servant and parody wont suit me

Rizvi sb ok gentleman police is your first priority. If we allocate you to some other group, would u be very depressed?

Sir I strongly wish to join police but I shall go for any group happily coz u people are better judge. As well as depression is concerned I am never depressed until hope is there and I’ve two more chances to improve my performance so there is nothing so. Yes, I added, I was depressed once in my life. It was the day when I was rejected by second chance of issb because I knew that there was no more chance to join pak army.

Rizvi sb it means u are not fit for police because army is same kind of job

No sir there is a huge difference. Army is tougher job and quite different from police. Here in police one has to deal with crime and masses………. (He interrupted)

Rizvi sb but army starts dealing with the masses every 10 year? (Every body laughed)

Sir soldiers are not interested in this business but they are invited to do so.

Rizvi sb with a smile) thank u tauqir

Chairman took me back, (smiling since long, he put my books back on my side and looked at the clock) already we discussed a lot, just a bit more.
Have heard the name of David sanigar?

(I could not remember) I said no sir.

Chairman thought something again looked at clock (he was smiling)
Ok tauqir u can collect ur books and thank you

I collected my books and said,” so kind of u (I looked at all of them and said) ASSALAM_O_ALAIKUM
I left my seat and all of them replied loudly. And I left the room.

It was 12.40 when I came back to waiting room. I shall edit my post if some other question came to my mind.
Fellows are once again requested to pray for me and comment on my performance.

Tauqir Mehmood
Roll number 4360
We shall prefer to die on our feet than to live on our knees.

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