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Originally Posted by Innocent Hafeez View Post
Yes, i think so. I have started focusing on my writing skills. Kindly check this passage

Role of Media

Nevertheless media, being the fourth estate, is responsible to highlight social dilemmas, and raise its voice for their eradication. However, it has failed to do its job. Few days back, I came across an Indian news channel. The newsman was glorifying the Indian soldiers, and condemning the innocent armless Kashmiris as the militants. In fact this problem is not restricted to the Indian media alone, but the media, in general, is no exception with such sort of prejudices. This also indicates of how media swerves from its real object, and supports other than what is humane and just.
the fourth estate = the fourth pillar of the state

Social dilemmas = social evils

Responsible to highlight = responsible for highlighting

'Responsible to' is used in different context.

Avoid vague references like an Indian news channel, a news anchor etc. Over use of commas and adverbial conjunctions is making the passage a bit redundant.

Hope it helps.

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