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Default Personalization of Politics in Pakistan


Thesis Statement:
" Personalization of Politics in Pakistan and its effects on the nation."

Concept of Personalization of politics
a) Disorted journey of democrarcy
b) Disrespect of Merit
c) Weak Political parties
d) Lack of democratic culture
e) Poverty
f) Illiteracy
g) Corruption
h) Lack of accountability
i) Involvement of criminal elements
j) Strong hold of feudalism
k) Military interference in Politics
L) Ineffectiveness of constitution

a) Bad governance
b) Leadership Vacuum
c) Martial laws
d) Lack of vision
e) Hurts national unity

a) Accountability
b) Spread of education
c) Effective election process
d) Improvement of election commission
e) Awareness through media
f)Strict implementation of political parties act
g) Involvement of youth in the politics

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