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1) Introduction


2) How education is different than schooling

2.1) Learning does not depend upon School

- learning can be made from practices

- experience teaches a lot

- persistent practice makes learned

2.2) Education is complete code of life whereas schools educate particular subjects

- character

- respect

- tolerance

- humanity

2.3) Mother is first and best teacher for learning which requires no schooling to transfer knowledge

2.4) Many greatest scientists and inventors are not production of schooling
2.5) Numerous aspirants are competing without attending any formal institutions

2.6) Art of handling different tasks is an education that requires no schooling

- great businessmen

- experienced managers

- wise people facilitate with good ideas

3) Schooling is best platform to acquire education

3.1) It entertains with all educational facilities under one roof

- knowledge

- discipline

- character building

3.2) It is the place where brilliant minds are produced to bring innovations in the world

3.3) It provides platform for social interaction and cultural exchange

3.4) Schooling promotes positivity while discourages ne negativity

3.5) Schools provide diversified knowledge and training
3.6) It is source of job creation and poverty alleviation

3.7) Schooling helps in strengthening socio- economic and political development

3.8) In classrooms healthy competitions are initiated

- beneficial

- infuses hard work

- efficiency and effectiveness

3.9) Institutions research on different aspects of life in future

- future planning

- anticipating risks

- improvements in existing environment

4) Education is the only solution of Pakistan's existing crisis

4.1) It will strengthen democracy

4.2) Education will bring gender equality in the society

4.3) It will help in job creation and poverty reduction

4.4) Higher literacy rate can be helpful in eradication of different kinds of evils

- extremism

- crimes

4.5) Education will ensure socio-economic development of Pakistan

5 Conclusion

Education is not only limited to knowledge. It can be concluded as complete code of life. It can be

availed from anybody, anywhere at any time. Therefore, schooling is not only education, yet schools are

the best place for acquiring it. Education is complete package of knowledge, character, discipline and

humanity. Only education has potential to transform the entire life. It forces men to isolate itself from

all possible negativities .It enlightens right path. Many guiding lights of the globe had these features

without having any formal institutional education. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison are one of them .

They had changed the history of mankind. On the other hand , Schooling is essential in this

contemporary world to get education. It guarantees progress and prosperity of the Nations . Infact

Pakistan is facing numerous challenges internally and externally . Only education is the way forward for

Pakistan to come out of these crisis and compete in the modern world . So, education has become

obligatory for the survival in current time. It should be availed to live a happy and better life

Madam Aisha plzzz give your valuable remarks
Thanks for your kindness

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