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Globalization is eliminating the culture of underdeveloped countries:

1) Introduction:
Thesis statement: Cultural values of third world is under threat by globalization in the guise of westernization. Moreover, latest wave of globalization has further intensified this transformation
2) Making sense of globalization:
a) conceptualization of globalization
b) Three waves of globalization: European Expansion (1450-1850), European Entrenchment (1850-1945), Contemporary globalization (after 1960).
3) Manifestation of globalization: Is globalization a westernization?
a) Manifestation of globalization: global village, transnational social movement, economic intensification etc.
b) Gorge Ritzer’s thesis: McDonaldization of Society
c) Americanization and westernization of culture
d) Realists’, constructivists’ and Marxists’ stance on globalization
4) Understanding of cultural values:
a) Relation between culture and civilization
b) Culture is an extensive term inclusive of socio-legal values, moral values, customs and traditions, heritage, environment, history, ideology, ethnic values, religion.
c) Jeremy Rifkin’s exposition of culture
d) Samuel Huntington’s definition of culture
5) Is globalization eliminating the culture of underdeveloped countries:
Yes, globalization is undermining cultural values of third word as evident from arguments given below:
a) Hegemony of transnational liberal movement give priority to economics over values
b) Transforming non-western societies into a world of wage-earing work
c) Local ethic cultures of third world is being dissolved into so called cosmopolitan culture
d) Agonistic culture of western is spreading secularism in third world
e) Political culture of third world is being challenged by western democracy
f) Linguistic culture is in danger under globalization
g) Western wave of feminism under globalization is badly affecting the family culture of third world
h) Globalization is promoting moral standards derided by third world
i) Economic globalization is distressing the societal culture e.g. affecting farmers etc.
j) Legal culture has been imposed on third world by globalization of western legal culture
k) Environmental threat to third world by globalization has its aftermaths for societal culture of the same.
l) Capitalism under globalization promotes consumerism in contrast to moderate life style of third world
m) Community values of third world are under threat with the emerging concept of individualism by west under globalization
n) Pop culture under globalization is eliminating the arts and heritage of third world
6) Repercussions of undermining of cultural diversity of third world:
Aftermaths itself represent the scenario in which globalization is eliminating the culture of underdeveloped state.
a) Terrorism against first world: End of History thesis is retorted by Clash of civilization thesis.
b) Emergence of hatred against first world as apprehended by Benjamin Barber in McWorld and Jihad
c) Violence against world institutions as against WTO in Seattle
d) Hinders progress of third world’s civilization
e) Economic and social crisis- Russian social crisis and Asian crisis
f) Anarchy-unrest and distrust- at global level
7) Why is the culture of third world is under threat in globalized world?
a) Uneven globalization
b) Asymmetrical globalization
c) Globalization is westernization
d) Economic and technological superiority of West
e) Heterogenous culture of third world and homogenous First world
f) Colonial and neo-colonial form of world order
8) How can globalization be best managed to accommodate cultural diversity? And how can cultural be promoted?
If “Pluralism” exists, the global order will be maintained.
a) The UNGA should put concerted efforts towards the formation New International Order which ought to be culturally sensitive
b) International institutions’ legislations should be revisited and must accommodate pluralism
c) International Network for Cultural Diversity (INCD) suggests that regionalism should be strengthen on the basis of cultural values like EU for European values
d) INCD also recommends that governments should not enter into any agreement which constraints cultural diversity
e) Cultural values should be promoted through arts, literature, film and TV

9) Conclusion:
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