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Originally Posted by Fahadafridi89 View Post

Void of logic
First, please do elaborate what the 18th amendments has to do with the quota system?
Second, if you really think quota system is obsolete, then equal economic opportunities should be provided to all provinces. Do not you see development difference between Punjab and other provinces?
I am not against any province, but it is clear from our history that Punjab was in favor of equal distribution of resources in the NFC when we had east Bengal, due to the latter’s larger population. Surprisingly, after 1971, Punjab wanted population-based formula due to Punjab’s larger population, which was earlier denied to the Bengalis.
Fourth, for instance, if open merit is ensured and there are 200 seats, if all seats are captured by the students of KPK, what will be your reaction?

Please answer if you think quota system is bad. I suggest you to look at quota system from the perspective of the Muslim League’s demand of separate electorate, which was a type of quota system for reserved seats for the Muslims. Hope you understand.
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