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Thanx for a prompt reply to my queries
There are a few more questions
1)In composition paper, from where u prepared pair of words idioms vocab and how did u practice precis and comprehension?
2)how many essays did u write for practice( i have written almost 30 essays of 2000 words all r related to current topics)
3)in pak affaris what was the protocol of ur answer i mean how did u attempt them(detail,critical appraisal,public opinion is it sufficient?) also tell about objective
4)in current affair what topics did u select for preparation(kashirm palistine iraq iran terroism economy relations and organization r they sufficient?)and tell me about objective
5)in every day science from where did u prepare objective?
6) in journalism what topics did u prepare and from where and what was ur style to attempt its questions kindly tell me in detail thanks in advance
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