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@Armaghan Arif :I prepared vocabulary from gre books and idioms from Collins Idioms dictionary+net+Exploring English.I practiced few essays,paragraphs and precis mainly from past papers because I didnt have enough time.In Pak affairs I started with a quote then introductory paragraph +few more quotes then flow chart or table(if any) then conclusion and critical analysis plus quote at the end.For objective you can buy any good objective book.For current affairs I read dawn+nation+news+current affairs digest+newsweek+times+economist+World times(Jehangir book depot)+Contemporary Affairs by Imtiaz Shahid(read atleast 3 latest editions)+khaleejtimes+washingtn post+newyork times.EDS from net( shahid book+akram kashmiri+encarta+wikipedia.
In journalis all topics of imtiaz shahid book+Abid Tahami book+Mehdi Hassan book+past papers.I gave headings and sub headings and flow charts and diagrams

@Noor Fatima:the no of ashar depeds on your memory.I wrote explaination of about 3_5 pages and quoted 10 to 15 ashar.I have got a great interest in urdu literature so I've already read all novels of CSS syllabus.I'll recommend you to go through all novels.Explaination should be(depending on your writing)2_4 pages long.You should give brief introduction of writer before hiting main material.Yes I put 7-8 quotations of different historian in every question. Dr Ali Zaidi for c law I'll post detailed answer next time InshAllah.Mr Shah110 I've read whole course of part 2 before even css preparation because I've got a great interest in Urdu literature

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