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Originally Posted by Mumtaz Hayat Maneka
This question has been repeatedly asked and answered in this thread. She her self has not answered the question ( i think ). But please do not follow what the academies claim. It is possible that she visited each of these academies during her interview preparations. If someone visits these academies just for a day they start claiming that " this student prepared from scratch in our academy" Just to enhance their clientele. I think we should stop asking her these questions and start asking something concrete which may also be beneficial for other members as well. Topper is within you and academies do not produce toppers! So please start preparing on your own but one can always get guidance from these academies if one has no idea about what one is studying.

bro i just asked this question so that many of students would contact right academies...i admit academies do not produce toppers...but atleast they polish n show u the right path...there are many students who don't have much knowledge regarding CSS exam so they look forward to academies....and to some extent academies do help them...the purpose of my question was just to know about whether any of these academies provide quality guidance or not...and one can't read the whole thread be4 asking question...ya if Sister doesn't want to answer then its ok but anyother person can't decide whether any question is CONCRETE or may not be useful for u but it maybe useful for manyothers...let the people ask...Its upto her whether she responds or hard