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Default Democray is system of govt. in Islam.

Islamic system of government is based on principles i.e. Unity of Allah (Tawhid), Risalat and Khilafat. Sovereignty only belongs to Almighty Allah, the Holy Prophet PBUH interpreted the Laws and was the last Messenger of Allah and he has given us a model for the Islamic way of life by himself implementing the law and providing necessary details where required. Khalifa serves as Vicegerent of Almighty Allah on the earth. Democracy is the system of government in Islam and Khalifa is accountable to Almighty Allah and to the people if he deviates from Islamic Law.

There is no hereditary or dynastic offices rather highest offices are conferred upon, through democratic norms among those who are pious, able and well versed in Islamic Law. There is no room for the will of the people rather Will of Allah will be implemented in the state. There is no concept of legislation or constitution making (except within limits of Shariah) neither people or their representatives have the right to alter Divine Laws.

Head of Government should have the mandate of majority; A Shura will assist and guide him. There is freedom of expression to criticize the head of government and his acts. Judiciary is not accountable to executive rather it derives its authority from the Shariah and only answerable to Almighty Allah, they have to discharge duties according to Laws of Shariah. Rule of Law, equality, balanced economic system, fostering fraternal feelings, brotherhood, charity, social security system, promotion of civic virtues, implementation of zakat, maximum sanctity to human to human labour, provision to work to all people, right of property, etc are some of the characteristic.
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