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brother u might be right but reality is if in investigation police has declared a person guilt n offence falls under category of non-bailable offence no court will grant bail thats for sure.
but if the challan submitted by police is khana no. 2 means they decalred a person innocent in investigation than court will certainly grant bail.
the case u r mentioning can happen but when police is willing to grant bail otherwise its impossible n say if bail granted they can go for cancellation of bail. they have so many other options which are according to law y they go for encounter? chaloo if one is habbitual offender then encounter samjh aye b. how could they declares a person offender crimnal before charges are proved against them.
Sham on such CSPs shame

we need to know abt laws our rights.... wat if police is not hearing us not registering case and misusing thier powers wat are the remedies?
one thing i can assure u i dunt say 100% but 70% corruption is reduced in judiciary no judge can b bribe now
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